Monday, July 19, 2010

Word is the bird. No, that can't be right...

Before, when I first started this gig, I was trying to avoid putting up a preview of the list of blogs for the week because inevitably, as the last two weeks have proven, once I make it official a reviewer has a crisis and cannot post. Which is lame.

If done properly, reviewing take a whole lot of time and can be pretty stressful. This shit ain't breezy. Not everyone is willing to just get blitzed and leak out whatever immediate reaction they have to a blog as "accurately" as possible, probably because they want to do a good job. Not like me, apparently.

So without putting this off any longer, and with hopes I'm not cursing any reviewers to drop out of the race this week due to currently unforseeable events, here are the blogs of the upcoming reviewees:

Funny in Shadows

Out of the Ordinary

Split Ends and Sob Stories

One Day at a Time



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  2. Oh boy, if you thought you'd seen the last of emo Indian blogs, take a deep breath. At least one reviewer has a majorly fucked up week coming up.

  3. Phrases I loathe whether used literally, metaphorically, or ironically:

    mortal coil

    interrupt my reverie

    I'm just sayin'

    glimmer of hope

    fruits of labor

    And I'm sure there are more, but I found a bunch of them on these blogs.

  4. Oh, hey! Can we add one more to that list of loathed phrases?

    "The Good Doctor"

    I swear to christ, I am sick of people using that phrase sarcastically, I am sick of people using that phrase sincerely, and I am sick of the fucking morons out there who are completely incapable of referring to someone as "the doctor" without shoehorning in the adjective.

  5. "We're fresh out of goat and water buffalo"

  6. "Fresh as a rapist on prom night"

  7. (Speaking of things that are fresh)

  8. Re: phrases--"Long story short."

    They never are.

  9. so there was a crisis..ah, sorry for the crisis of course, but am relieved that it was not the fell awfulness of my blog that caused the reviewer to stop reviewer-ing

  10. Say, what's wrong with "interrupt my reverie"?

  11. Isn't there some other way you can describe having your daydreams disturbed? It's not so much "interrupt" or "reverie" it's the fact that NO ONE SEEMS TO BE ABLE TO USE THE WORD REVERIE unless preceded by "interrupt my." Drives me fucking nuts.

  12. Dismantle my brown study? But you may have a point there. I just checked, and the one time reverie appears in my blog, it was interrupted.

    Chicu: I don't think anyone could ever find any blog awful, that has a post as this on the Indian Railways.

  13. Chicu, you're safe. You're up next week, I believe.

  14. I can't remember if I had the courage to submit a few months ago. Is there anyway to tell?

    If I was too chicken, I'll submit this time.

  15. Cashier, we got it back in March. You'll have your turn.

  16. Another day, another crisis?


Grow a pair.