Sunday, October 17, 2010

Slam: This Week In Review

eventually, as reviewers we learn
to accost your fucking perspective
without remorse, we can't adjourn,
apathy is such a wicked burn
and scathing audits might give you motive
to pay attention to your shit,
coalesce your self into your works
however jumbled you transmit
we can smell what you omit
because we're nitty-picky jerks
we read too much and live too hard
to bother with hurting your feelings
when you don't give them much regard
or prove you have an ounce of nard
it's frustrating having these dealings

Half an Autobiography

My Two Cents

Mungo Says Bah

That's not to say this line-up's bad
after all, I haven't read them
so to this up and coming triad:
bare your soul in shades of plaid
or be prepared for mayhem.

(as an aside: I apologize
if this post makes no sense
I've been drinking 'nuff for twice my size
all day, so you should realize
I'm declaring chemical defense)


  1. Half An Autobigraphy: I found him quite amusing.

    My Two Cents: At first 'Eeek Mommy Blogger' but she has a style that doesn't totally make me wanna claw out my eyeballs.

    Mungo Says Bah: Mungo can go get fucked. 2 pages worth of Twitter updates? Then a whole page of fungi? Man oh man - some Ass-ker is gonna have fun with him!

  2. Ha! You've caught the bad poetry inclination. Very difficult to escape.


    Actually, it wasn't bad poetry here. It was pretty alright.

  3. Man, I'm never trying to do anything like this again. Reading this gave me a fucking migraine.

  4. I feel drunk after reading that, and not the throw-uppy drunk I felt yesterday, but the happy drunk I used to feel when I could handle my liquor.

    True story: yesterday I had one and a half whiskeys and threw up.


  5. Also, The Curse Of Posting The List Of Doom has once again taken effect, and it looks like there'll be only two reviews this week.

    I really should just stop handing out the heads up.

  6. Good poem Shiner - I enjoyed it.

    'Good poem' - is that a tautology?


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