Monday, November 22, 2010

Inventories Suck

For my next trick, I will provide you with a list of blogs set to be reviewed this week, followed by a brief bloggerific description in the authors' own words...


Suburban Soliloquy:  Ok -I know- "Suburban Soliloquy" - you want to gag. But there it is, and it's been my identification for some time now, so I can't very well up and change it; however, I'm still feeling brave (sort of), so... I am not a young, hip blogger that uses words lifted from Urban Dictionary (well, you may find a few, but I didn't pull them out of THAT dictionary). I've been blogging since the beginning of the summer - not long but I meet your criteria for entry numbers, and I aim to entertain, throwing in a bit of sentiment, satire, humor, and hopefully, provocation into the mix.

It's All About Balance:  just another single mom blog

The Real Stuff Cats Like: A blog dedicated to the interests of cats and horror movies.


  1. First impressions bode not well.

    Particularly that cat one. I want to stab it in the face with a spork. And I didn't even read any of it.

  2. Let the rusty donation can crapping begin!

  3. OK--I had to look at the balance one. Here's an excerpt from the first post:

    "I took a baby step last week by organizing my weekly dinner menu. That worked out!"

    I know it's Thanksgiving time and we're supposed to be nice and shit, but fuck me running.

  4. Fuck me running! Bwahahahaha! That was my favorite thing to say when I was in (I'm not kidding) 5th grade.
    I love you HIF. I think you just helped me heal another old childhood wound.

  5. 5th grade???? I never even said that aloud until I was 34.

  6. I know. Isn't it fun imagining a 5th grader saying 'fuck me running'? Oh well, I had to keep up appearances. I mean, my first run in wtih the law was when I was 8 and I couldn't let anyone think I was going to slow down or anything.

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  8. I wish that whole cat and horror thing were far less literal than the template seems to imply.


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