Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Snuffalopogus. And Green.

I swear to god I'm sitting here doing this alone. And yes for the two people (yes I'm exagerating, but I like to feel more important and not admit it's about zero people) who read this, I do keep changing my little icon. I'm fickle. What can I say? Not like anyone notices...well, but me.

For today we have Randombird.com. I gotta say, I don't really like the ".com" part of the title but to each their own right? I will say that I absolutely love the description line: "subverting community standards of decency since 2002." That's fucking awesome! Well played! Well played indeed!

The template is simple. I'm not sure if I like the background design, or like how it looks with the green header and maroonish link color, but it all somehow works decently together. The background isn't too detracting from the writing, and the green header doesn't seem that putrid (sorry, I'm really not a big fan of green. I avoid green, actually, in everything I do. I also really don't like birds, so I'm trying here!) As for the sidebar, well it's pretty long. Having a long sidebar isn't really a big deal, hell my own sidebar is ages long. The only real suggestions I would give is to maybe have less posts on the main page because it runs a bit long, and to put the categories into a drop down menu. I have no idea how to do it with cateogories, but I assume tweaking the code here is the answer.

Writing wise, I enjoy it. She's witty, snarky, cynical, and desires to be profane. I feel akin to her. Really! The first post talks about how Kwelvis--otherwise knows as the Key West Elvis--is a douchebag, and goes on to explain her disdain at being partially profane on blogexplosiions ratings. I agree. Why half ass something? Go all the way. Be all the profane bitch you can be!

The blog itself is like a little journal, and she does a really good job of keeping memories and being amusing at the same time. The picture with the rudolph nose and the concurrent description nearly made me spit out my water. She writes poignantly, yet sarcastically. She writes about the kind of things that most women sit back and go "Yea, I can relate to that," and who doesn't love that?

Oh, and Uncle Brotha's Hot Sauce is devine. I highly recommend it on a medium rare steak topped with melted gorgonzola cheese. Just pour it on top, and let your taste buds orgasm. And, if you can find it, Saratoga Springs Bloody Mary Mix makes a great spicy steak marinade and makes some delicious Bloody Mary's as well.

Two of these for having fantastic content. I'd go three but I can't get over my general hate of green.

That, and...

I somehow think you'd want this in your
collection. Consider yourself profane!


  1. I just wanted to thank you for the review. I think I'm going to use the drop-down menu suggestion.

  2. I like the updated template. Definately going to be reading you again.


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