Monday, August 07, 2006

Britney Spears is coming to a blog near you.

You know what takes the jam out of my donut? The fact that my icon isn't animated when I post it here. Fuck all!

So anyone miss me while I was overseas for a week? Yea, I didn't think so. That's why I got stuck with a re-review to deal with in my jet-lagged state of semi-half consciousness and pining to be back in the awesomeness that is where I was. The gods are punishing me and will punish me further for that sentence, huh?

Nothing has really changed at The Wedding Party . It's still a blog, it's dedicated to absolutely nothing and it still makes absolutely no real sense to anyone who just happens upon it.

I find it fucking hilarious. Especially the "Pork The One You Love" billboard.

For template suggestions, go back and read the first review you asstards. I like the idea of Fuck you Friday, but somehow think it'd be better placed on a Monday. Who hates Friday? Ah, the things we do for some mother fucking aliteration.

I give it a for asking for a re-review or for forgetting you were reviewed to begin with, and for being Chief's Fans.

Okay I take back the Chiefs comment. Last thing I need is some pissed of Kansas-ians to effigy my ass until they find my where-abouts and then come after me in some sick fucked up crusade to defend the honor of the mighty red with their second amendment granted arsenal.

and a couple because what redneck doesn't like drinking some PBR next to the ol' bonefire? Go on ladies, throw you bras in.

oh, and because god forbid I would have to review a real blog. Thank you for your short, pointless posts and for having lots of purdy purdy picures.


  1. are you saying we're not a real blog? i'll kill you where you stand you motherfuck!

  2. Nope. I'm saying after a twelve hour flight you're a breath of mother fuckin fresh air, mother fucker.

    So put the knife away, or I'll show you how we city boys kick midwestern plains ass.


  3. that scumbag guy's an asshole.

  4. That Malted Balls guy wants that Scumbag guy's asshole.

    Is that what I just read?

  5. Oh, god, it's so boring being a grownup. Don't grow up, kitty. ;)

  6. I can't help it if my imaturity turns you on Ball-Sack.

    And thank you Trouble! I don't ever plan on growing up. I enjoy my pull-up cruisers way too much.

  7. You're welcome, darlin. I suspect everything turns him on. He is, after all, in his early 20s and male.


  8. Saw a new pic of Britney today. Never thought I'd say this, but if I never see her again I'll be just fine.

  9. K, I just found this post and I want to know how my Fuck You Friday was put in with The Wedding Party? Yes, they do participate, but it's not their blog. And Friday is the perfect day to get rid of all your bitchin' complaints from the week. You can then move on to your weekend and enjoy it. On Monday all you have to say Fuck You about is that you have to go back to work... unless your weekends usually suck.


Grow a pair.