Thursday, September 14, 2006

Did Someone Say Shopping?

Swashbuckling pirates, German Nazi soldiers, families that suck and talk about vagina's. Can somebody pass the asprin because I can tell you my head is pounding. For someone who states 'family is everything', the warm fuzzy feeling I got disappeared and the kids tittered at the bamboozled look on my face when a couple of paragraphs down in another entry she talks about finding ways to have the said family member whacked. Ummm yeah. Poor Miss Britt**, can I suggest therapy? Fast!

Now, having been a victim of the bashers from the blog review site which shall remain nameless (fuck you ms.chatty, can I say that?), far be it from me to hack to death what somebody blogs about because its not my cup of tea or perhaps I should say, my jug of beer. But posts with titles like 'It's my blog and I'll pout if I want to' make me want to run screaming to the bathroom to look for a razor blade.

So the sister in law called about every crotch ache during her pregnancy and annoyed the piss out of her, so I'm kinda confused that she gives a shit that she didn't call when the baby was born. I'm thinking the ache in her crotch was so bad that she couldn't dial the damn phone. Either way, if it was me, I'd be changing my name, moving to another state and pretending that my family didn't exist instead of wasting blog space on the fuckers. Oh, wait! I already did that a long time ago!
She doesn't seem an overly happy little chappy and there weren't too many posts that were filled with happiness and cheer and all that good kind of shit, which is a bit of a shame because she actually writes really well. The only time I kinda glimpsed any kind of happy thoughts was when she talked about herself.

Far to many bloody meme's and I'm usually a meme queen, so that's gotta be saying something. But after reading all those bloody Thursday Thirteens, my eyes were rolling and I was praying for Thursdays to kind of like - go away.

Now lets talk about templates shall we?

The Marilyn Monroe cliches weren't really for me. And I didn't like the cream with the green and black too well. But! And there is a but! It's not cluttered, its fairly well spaced out and the font is nice. Its a tiny bit narrow for my liking, but, I don't have to blog there now do I? Her blog roll isn't overly long which makes a nice change and her links seem okay (scept for one or two that I'd boot real hard in the ass).
I'd give her fingers for the damn repetitive Thursday Thirteens

and because like I said, when she isn't pissingand moaning she can actually write quite well!
I'm off to read my grocery list!

**Want to be a Guest Reviewer? Then Sign Up!**[/shameless plug]

**The original review left out the url of the website. The site is Miss Britt. Go check her out!


  1. God I love the new look here! It's teh awesome.

  2. LOL, I was actually getting ready to comment on the new look of the site (which is much more pleasing to the eye, by the way)... and noticed that it was ME being reviewed.

    I guess I should take a minute to point that out since... I'm not finding an actual LINK to my site.

    I would love to thank the person who reviewed me, but I can't seem to figure out WHO the guest reviewer is this week.

  3. holy fuckin revamp, batman!

  4. I just noticed that. I'll make another addendum :)

  5. ALRIGHT! The lovely Miss Britt was linked.

    Anyway. I like her blog. I like the template to. It's simple, and every blonde loves Marilyn Monroe [while every black haired girl loves Marilyn Manson].

    I like this Thursday Thirteen shindig. We may have to implement that should no one else opt to guest review, because god knows I hear some interesting stuff in my office full of men.

    Glad everyone likes the revamp :) Big thank you to Kelly of Nello designs for everything, should she read this!

  6. There's nothing to tell us who the author is. So, who's the guest author?

  7. It's up to them to tell you who they are. We run under anonymity. You know us because we regularly review and have a name associated with our icon.

    We figure a guest reviewer should be allowed the same anonymity so that if some kind of flame war or spat occurs their own personal blog/e-mail/life won't be affected.

    Anyone can sign up to guest review, and people can sign up more than once.



  9. Thank you for the link :-)

  10. Oops. You're wrong.

    Not sure how a photobucket account would be conclusive of anything other than that icon is hosted by that account.

    I won't say who the reviewer is, but in the interest of not having some kind of cyber-brawl start I will say it is not Danerah.

    If you want to start shit, that's fine. But leave out uninterested and non-participating third parties. She's simply hosting the picture for me because directly uploading to blogger won't show the animation.

  11. Oh crap - I was meaning thank you for the link on the review... to my blog.

    Jane, you are such a sweetie and I really appreciate you. But honestly, it's OK. It's no big deal who it is. Some people don't like me - and I'm cool with that. As long as the infamous JANE likes me - I can sleep at night. ;-)

  12. I'm digging the new template.

  13. i liked pac-man better.


  14. HOLY SHIT!

    Malted Balls is back. How's the baby baluga?


  15. We figure a guest reviewer should be allowed the same anonymity so that if some kind of flame war or spat occurs their own personal blog/e-mail/life won't be affected.

    Makes sense. Thanks for the explanation.

  16. Hey I love the new layout!!! :)

  17. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  18. i can't spell. sorry about the comment delete.

    what i was saying was i read her blog all through class today, and i liked it. i liked it a lot. marilyn monroe, included.


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