Monday, September 11, 2006

Holy Deutschland, Batman!

My sense of humor left itself in bed this morning, so you'll just have to bear with me, alright? Ok, then.

On the chopping block today we've got Canadutch: home of the Breigh. Really, I didn't even notice the name of her "blog" until I looked at it just now to write it. It's catchy, no? Yes, it is. Don't lie to yourself, you know it's catchy. Also! Notice how I say "blog" with ""? Yeah, that's because Breigh's shit is too professional looking to really be a blog. Can we just call it a Website? Especially since it's a dot-com? I think so!

Now! Breigh (pronounced Bree-ah, bitches) is quite the worldly woman. She lives in Holland with her hubs and willingly admits that she can't get into the Hollandian groove. But her dutch rocks! (see: meat).

As far as the the template goes, like I said before, it's so professional I don't know what to do with myself. And, hell, I lay shit out all damn day for a living! I like the simplicity and I'm impressed by the fact that her sidebar only takes up a small portion of her site. It doesn't run down the damn page like it's on a race to the bottom.

Content: Hello! Her post today is about Grey's Anatomy! How can you not love her!? And she wrote about wanking a little while back, so she covers all her bases, ya know? AND! The pic of the smarties hit me right where it counts, underneath all that fat that men so lovingly call my left tit. Seriously, though, I like her stuff because, once again, she's concise. You know me and my inability to read for more than 30 seconds at a time. Her sense of humor ain't too shabby either.

K, now that you've read my really lame review, look at the pretty stars...


AND! dontfuckwithme because she's kind of a badass, despite that whole Canadian thing.

Just kidding, we love Canadians :)

Ok, my shit is tired. I'm outta this bitch. Vaarwel!


  1. hahaha YAY!!! I was so nervous signing up for any kind of review because I'm totally tempermental and insecure :P This has made my day!

    Btw, Deutchland is Germany but that counts since I just wrote about it last week! Don't worry, I'll school you in all things Europe, since I'm like half Euro now and shit!

    Thanks for the great review! I'm stoked! :)

  2. I am totally a fan of breigh's site. I check it every day and I love reading her very honest post.

    I used to live in Holland, and became Dutch enough that I don't like NL being called Deutchland. Back here in Australia though, everyone thinks Holland and Denmark are the same place. People ask me if I speak Danish.

  3. I found breigh through blogmad last week and have been reading her since. She has a nice blog.


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