Monday, October 16, 2006

He Can Strip Me Anytime

I have a case of the Monday's. I'm well aware it's only 1 hour into this glorious Monday, but I'm already pissy as fuck that it is, in fact, Monday and that I have to go to work tomorrow morning. Why am I pissy as fuck? I assure you it isn't football related, seeing as my team isn't playing this weekend, and I never dread going into the office. Nope. I'm in hyper bitch mode because my super expensive life support, aka my esspresso maker, broke in a blaze of steamy frothy glory. My cat was thrilled to have frothy milk all over the kitchen, I was far from. I'm not even pissed because it took me four hours to clean up the mess, I'm pissed because I am beyond addicted to caffine, and I perish to think about my ability to function without my morning six shots of esspresso. Pity me, people.

So, naturally I'm thrilled that the blog I get to review today is none other than Stripped and Bare which is authored than none other than the totally smoking hot Jericho, who happens to give me faith that the throngs of people who compose my trade aren't all going to be insanely creepy, one dimensional, and ugly. I really do dream of the day I see him in court, and I really hope the judge doesn't mind me dragging him to chambers to have my way with him.

I admit I've naughtily admired read Jericho's blog since he stumbled upon my goth haven and was nice enough to comment; thus, this is going to be an extremely difficult review for me because I must overlook how absolutely scrumptious he is and get on down to the proverbial brass tacks.

Jericho is an Internet Explorer user and despite my total hate for that web browser I'm not going to fault him for that, but I am going to fault him for never bothering to see if his template worked in Firefox. FYI, it doesn't. No background, no header, most of the text is nowhere to be found because it blends into the absence of a background. I'm not sure if he tweaked the template code, or if Blogger Templates is that fucking oblivious to the fact that a good majority of web users to use Firefox, but, regardless of who's fault it is, it is unacceptable. Luckily, the awesome Firefox has a feature that allows a site to be seen as if it were in an IE browser, and with no more than a wrist move and a click I can see the blog as it is intended to be seen. It's simple, it's blue, the links are bright fucking orange, but that's a personal preference even if I find it appalling. The sidebar is okay. I would suggest making the sidebar a bit more discernable from the rest of the blog. Maybe make the background color a slightly different shade than the actual blog background or...well, that's about it. I'd make the blog area a touch smaller and expand the sidebar a bit so it doesn't seem so smushed, too. Basically, I'd scrap the entire template and start all over again because there's lots wrong. Don't worry, precious, I blame it on Blogger Templates, not you. No offense.

Template issues aside, his content is, of course, fantastic because obviously I can't be smitten with a guy unless he has brains to match his uber hotness [which is probably why I'm still single]. He's introspective, thought provoking, open, honest, and simply awesome. He blogs for himself and no one else and it shows. I absolutely love the fact he doesn't seem like a lawyer at all, which I know doesn't seem like a huge deal but trust me you have no idea how rare it is to find someone in this career avenue who isn't in love with being a legal lackey. The HNT pics also make a trip to this corner of the world wide web more delectible, and his kids are absolutely adorable. He also interviews readers which is rather interesting and fits so perfectly into the self-serving and absorbed world of the mighty blog. No offense by that either.

For content I give it

For the template I give it a and a for the obvious reasons of the template not working at all in Firefox and for things being a bit wonky in IE.

Oh, and a for the Berkley Hart love. I'm serious about a romp in Chambers. *wink*


  1. I totally heart him, too. He's delicious.

  2. Um, yeah, he is HOT. I'd a been careful tearing his clothes off; I mean reviewing him!

  3. It was tough to review him and not just sit there and stare longingly at his picture and wonder why I can't meet more men like him. *sigh*

  4. Oh, he's yummy. He could just type "blah, blah, blah" everyday and I'd still read it.

  5. I couldn't get much out of the site because I'm using Firefox on a Mac (can't even run IE anymore). Waah!

  6. Hi Kitty Kat -

    Two quick questions:

    1) What's the trick to make FireFox display a page in IE mode? I checked FireFox help, but didn't find anything.

    2) I see that my blog got some hits from "Ask and ye shall receive" today, including one from the URL "" - and I assumed that I'd finally been reviewed. But I can't get into "Ask" from my office (stupid SurfGuard!), and by the time I got home, no review was to be seen and the aforementioned URL gets a Blogger 404 error. (sniff, sob) Was my review so awful that it got deleted in an act of remorse?

    Thanks in advance,


  7. Don: If you go to tools, then to extensions, then go to the tab that says "Get More Extensions" you should be able to find the IE tab option. But, seeing as I'm so gosh darn nice, you can click here and it should take you right to the download page.

    As for your review, it was there, and now it's not. It should re-appear on Friday when it's scheduled to appear. Technical malfunctions here at AAYSR. Sorry about that!

  8. Thanks, K-K. I've tried to install the browser extension, with no luck so far; but I'll try again when I've got more time and patience.


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