Monday, January 29, 2007

Blogger Likes To Proper Fuck

It seems by method of completely making it impossible to do otherwise, Blogger has finally assented to us joining the legions of Blogger beta, and it seems that I have made the horrible mistake of moving my account over to Blogger beta, therefore making this entire blog a beta fiasco.

I sincerely apologize. Had I know that my transfer would require the transfer of every single other human being that contributes to this site, I would have, well there wasn't much I could do seeing as I had the option to "skip" the beta transfer once, and upon re-logging in I had no choice.

If there are any issues with this unintended switch, please let me know and if I happen to be dead on account of Kitty hunting me down and taking out all of aggro-female rage on me, well then talk to her.



  1. don't forced me to switch to, and it's hellish.

  2. Blogger beta has been the bane of every blogger's existence. I have a friend who switched early and they deleted her blog completely...three times.

  3. You fucking tard!!

    Beta is horrid.

  4. beta blows dead goats fer lunch money and gives change.......
    it is inevitable though resistance is futile everybody will be forced to switch over

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