Friday, January 26, 2007

What We Have Here Is Failure To Communicate

Morning, kids. Good ol' Cap'n Fireballs here on this bitterly cold Friday, with a lovely slice of weirdness for your weekend.

A Blog of Stev is today's entry, and quite frankly, I'm at a loss. I really am. I get the impression that Stev is A. male and B. either profoundly strange, or a genius. But we'll get to all that, because none of it is readily apparent.

I believe that what we have here, being viewed in IE 6.0 @ 1152 x 864, is the newly updated version of Blogger's original Black Template, that so many of us used when we first got into blogging. If so, bravo to Blogger for updating a fairly bland template effort, and allowing for buttons, rollup menus and a real feel of a website. The blog is organized well, and although the sidebar would be huge if not rolled up, the presentation is one I can live with. Personally, though, I LOATHE those chatboards. I hate them. I despise them. What's the point of a chatboard if your regs can just comment? Don't you all know each other on Yahoo or AOLIM or Gtalk or something? It's just annoying and bothersome to me. Plus, it's all inside jokes and chat amongst friends, and does nothing to make any newcomer feel like they could actually participate.

Content-wise, I'm either not smart enough to get it, or not arty enough to appreciate it. I feel like I'm enlightened, I have my subscription to Paris Exposed, I'm a man of the 21st century. But wow, this shit is just baffling. Britney Spears arguing with Lindsay Lohan over who's dating Joe Francis is more coherent than this. I give him/her (I say this because seriously, there's no apparent actual proof of this person's gender anywhere on the blog or his/her profile, and Stev isn't overly telling of gender) credit, because clearly, he/she operates on a much higher plain of thinking than most of the free world.

Look, all the sarcasm and snark aside, I get the impression that if you are familiar with this person's work, you get it. If you're not, it will probably take some time to figure it all out. I don't have that kind of time. Most of the writing is well-crafted, and grammatically sound, so I don't immediately cringe when viewing it. It just makes very little sense to me.

The marks:


Content: Because I'm clearly not in the circle of folks who "gets" Stev.

Have a lovely weekend, darlings. We'll be back on Monday.


  1. Yikes.

    My nephew once played a trick on me where he told me to put my hand across my chest while trying to lick my ear.

    "I don't get it," I mumbled, looking for all the world like I should be riding on the short yellow bus.

    That, apparently, was the make me look like a mentally handicapped special olympics participant (not a difficult challenge, I assure you).

    I felt much the same while reading this blog. I don't get it.

  2. LOL

    hi it's the author/owner of the blog here. and i'm a male i assure you (re: about)

    I agree that most would find the readings strange as well & even myself find a hard time classifying my blog into whatever category. Sorry but that happens sometimes when it's a personal blog & we dont feel like talking about (non-existent) kids, love-life drama or pet cats doing neat trix. It's really not that hard really tho imho to 'get' whatever topic happenstances to be at the forefront of discussion ^^

    you are right that it is the original blogger black template. but unfortunately i have to take the credit when it comes to the rolling up + other mod changes.

    previously it was done away with. but unfortunately was met with outrageous outcries by the small strange community who visit my blog ;) incidentally tho ~50% of the people in the chatbox are people who i have no idea are out of cyberspace...

    the review actually gave me a very good idea though - mayhaps we can all just imagine that the various posts are all written by different ppl & thus have very little coherence or reference to each other. sorta like an online mag or tabloid on anything whatchamacallit. Thanks for the review! (& props for actually looking into it in detail... despite missing the 'About' link right at the top ;)

    ps. paris sexposed... mmm...


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