Thursday, January 25, 2007

suki yucky

So, By the Way.

What to say...what to say...You've found me at a loss for words. I don't know if it's that this week has been particularly draining or if it's something else. Truthfully, I really wanted to like this blog. I really did. I never want to have to review a blog I hate. It's way harder than reviewing a good blog, and I'm an inherently lazy person.

But for some reason, I just didn't like it. I can't explain it. It's not bad. It's not hideous. It's just not....good. (At least, from my perspective...she has plenty of comments and readers, so at least some people seem to like it).

God, I sound like Randy or Simon from American Idol. Anyway, Montchan, you aren't going on to Hollywood.

I wanted to make myself care, but I can't. I don't care that you're a wannabe filmmaker. I don't think you're particularly funny. Your blog seems to be mainly written to people you already know, and many of your blogs are directed at specific people with inside jokes that I don't get. And for someone who rips on the government employees and brags about a NYC Public Relations background, you write in such a verbose, too many words about nothing kinda way.

And while your sidebar is as long as my list of exes, it doesn't include archives.

WTF? You have fifty million indescipherable subcategories of nonsense, but no archives? WTFE. I looked six times. Maybe I just haven't had enough coffee, but NO ONE WHO IS REVIEWING YOUR BLOG SHOULD HAVE TO LOOK THIS HARD TO FIND YOUR ARCHIVES.

Ahem. Anyway.

Your "best of" were eh. Your current posts were eh. It sounds like you really could potentially have an interesting bloggable situation given your cultural background and living situation, but aside from one post about your interactions with a Swedish governmental agency, there was nothing here that didn't make me yawn.

And way too many blinky busy kitty thingies banners and other assorted b.s.

Clean the sidebar up, learn that brevity is the soul of wit, or bare your soul.

Otherwise, don't bother.

I give it a zzzzzz. And a

p.s. I spent some time brainstorming with Atomic Fireballs, closeted in our cozy supersecret Ask And Ye Shall Receive Headquarters on a squishy couch with cold beers, and here is my assessment. I was an English major in college. I love a story, with a plot and characters I can relate to. I want something in a blog that compels me to read more. The blog is just completely superficial and non-compelling.

There is nothing that hooks me in and makes me care about the protagonist (the blogger). Nothing at all. And truthfully, that bums me out.


  1. Given her description and all the places she's lived, I suppose I had a lot higher hopes for this blog. At first I presumed it was the natural course of each blogger in that after a long enough time you run out of the pithy juice, but after scrolling down for about ten to fifteen minutes I saw the archives, and she hasn't been going at it nearly long enough to fall into that category.

    On a high note, I do love the header. On a more serious note, what the fuck are those question marks and exclamation marks doing in parenthesis underneath the description?

  2. Wait.

    We have a headquarters replete with cold beer and squishy couch?

    Why the shit was I not alerted to this sooner?!

  3. yeah, I have archives.
    You were apparently too stoned/drunk/high to notice.


    and if I were you, I wouldn't tell people you were an English major in college...

    PS. Thanks for the traffic!

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  6. I'm rarely stoned or drunk at 2:49 p.m. whilst WORKING.

    Eeeep. (sound of buzzer)

    poor loser, crap blog.


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