Friday, January 19, 2007

Insert Clever Title Here

Let's see, what have we learned collectively this week? Apparently mommy-bloggers aren't our cup of tea. Yep, that's the lesson for the week.

So, how to approach this one? Hmm.

Straight-forward, no snark? Probably not a bad idea.

Loaded with sarcasm, dripping with venom? Nah, probably not. I'm too mellow on Fridays.

Let's let the coin decide, shall we? Heads, it's straight-forward, tails, it's snarky bitchiness.

It's heads.

Today's blog is Hahn at Home. It's being viewed in Internet Explorer at 1152 x 864. My first thought is that the top part of the blog, including header, is a bit of a mess. The blog isn't centered on the page, and while I don't mind the header graphic, it's quite distracting to have a blinky button directly below it. Apparently, she's up for the Lesbian Blog of the Year, so good luck with that. She's got some category links on the left-hand side, which are nice, and well-put together if you click on the links. However, the archives are in the right sidebar, and again, distract. It would be nice to have an Archives button, with this template, as opposed to this mess. And then, horror of horrors, the end of the Earth arrives and about halfway down the page, the grey columns cease to be, and we fall into white nothingness. Wow, this template is a piece of crapola.

Redeeming this blog totally, however, is the content, which is quite good. The posts are well written, and although the mommy posts aren't my cuppa, she intersperses enough posts about her life and the various goings-on that they don't make me cringe too much. Although it seems lately EVERYONE is writing about their sick kids. I know it's Winter, I know we all get ill, but for the love of Pete, don't tell me about your sick kid. I don't want to know. I do recommend the post of January 17th for some comedic goodness, as I do enjoy the look into someone's dating disaster. This one ranks right up there with the best that I've ever read. It's in the white abyss at the bottom, in case you get lost in the wilderness.

So, where do we stand on Hahn at Home? Well, clearly, this template is god-awful. I mean, seriously, it's horrendous. You're a wonderful storyteller, give yourself a pallette to craft your art that looks better than this. The white abyss of nothingness at the bottom is just poor. I love the buttons at the top, and the header image isn't bad, but move that blinky button, and get those archives out of the content area, and...oh, the hell with it. Get a new template. Now.

Content-wise, I enjoyed it, I liked it, and I would come back to it. She has an interesting life, three adopted sons, a dating life, etc. and she doesn't seem to stick to "I'm a mommy" or "I'm a lesbian" or any particular theme. This pleases me, because slice-of-life blogs that are original, funny and clever ARE my cuppa.


Template: I don't usually give these out, but wow.

PS: I'd suggest either asking Kitty, or visiting Nello for some template assistance.


  1. Thanks for your review...and though I knew the template choices available to me sucked, I just didn't realize how bad. I'll see what I can do do--and then beg Kitty for help.

  2. So, ta-da - will it pass muster until I can dump my host? And, Kitty, I beg really prepared, and please have a nice padded mat in front of you for me to kneel before...I'm old.

  3. Wow, that's so much better than the other one. Personally, though, I vote for moving your buttons to the left sidebar, but other than that, well done.


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