Wednesday, January 17, 2007

My Own Personal Hell

Well, I guess it's my turn to get a mommyblogger, Where Hell Broke Loose, and don't I sound so friggin' excited about it?

Just looking at the header image this blog looked like heaven to me, but then I had the misfortune of scrolling down, and much to my surprise...a mommyblog...fuuuucccckkk. Seriously, it's not that I hate all mommy blogs, but, for the love of Christ, can you moms please blog about something else once in a while? I know, I just fucking know, that being a mother is not the only thing you do or think about. Is it? Cuz if it is, I'm getting my tubes tied.

The kids are cute, and it seems like she's totally devoted to her family (which I heartily support), but jeeze, gimme a break. As far as keeping family and friends up to date on the family's goings on, it's a great blog. But as far as me, a chronically single, terminally crabby, currently childless woman rapidly approaching 30, this is the last thing I would want to read. I really don't care about kids barfing, or the minutiae of your daily life, unless I am in some way related to you. Furthermore, and hold on to your asses, I even poked through some of the archives to see if all the mommie-ness was just related to the holiday hoopla. Unfortunately, it's not. It's all mommy, all the time. She also has a separate blog about her Mirena removal (that's an Inter-Uterine Device that releases hormones for all you people with testicles), which I'm glad to say I don't have to review. Ish. Although, if she's a good sport, she should submit it and Kitty should assign it to Good and Very Plenty. Oh, the hilarity!

As for the template? Well, for starters, it's completely broken in IE and the font is hella small. I have incredibly bad eyes, but even if I were a hawk, I would still have to squint to read it. The sidebar isn't filled with tons of blinkies and shit, but it seems disorganized and scattered to me. And there's that goddamn creative commons license again! Will someone with a legal background (*ahem*) please tell me if that shit even works? The only reason I like this template is because of the header and, uhhh, I like red...

I give it for having cute kids and...

for not finding something, dear god, anything other than your kids and husband to blog about.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go read about IUD removal.


  1. Wow. Really bad. Really really bad.


  2. Yeah, that template/header sure makes you think you've stumbled onto something else, huh?

  3. Jesus, I was in such a frenzy last night, that I forgot to include the title and the link to the blog! All fixed now.

  4. That's some mad misrepresentation. I first saw it and thought it was a good one, but apparently looks are more than deceiving in this case. AYE CHINGADA!

    That header has such potential. I mean, it's so hot and sexy, and then to follow it up with *gasp* kid pics and husband love?

    Her header should be candyland, not a sexy vixen.

  5. I'm four blogs away from being reviewed and I'm a fucking mommy blogger. What the hell do I do now? I think I'll go to the liquor store to make sure I have enough to drown my sorrows in.

  6. Well, get cracking on those drunken slut posts. Time's a wasting.

  7. nothing wrong with mommy bloggers...something wrong with mommy bloggers who make no distinction between their own life and their children.

    someone shoot me if i ever have kids and cease to exist in singular.

  8. Ok, ok- I get it.
    Misrepresentation noted.

    Header changed to something very mommyish- check.

    Sidebar cleaned up-check

    This blog is mainly for out of state grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. so yes, all I write about is my kids and hubby.

    I have other topics I plan on writing about, just not on this blog. Working 2 jobs from home and taking care of my family doesn't give me much time for a social life, let alone to set up another blog correctly.
    Bitter mistress,
    I thank you for your constructive criticism and if you'd like to let Good and Very Plenty loose on my Mirena blog, have at it. I think it would be fab to read his review.


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