Monday, January 15, 2007

Nudey Magazine Day!

Before we start, let me just preface things by saying I'm watching Billy Madison, eating a delicious fruit cup, and conveniently forgetting where I hid the large stack of paperwork I need to be doing.

Why am I saying this? Because you should never call the shit poop. 'Nuff said.

Today's blog of "choice" is Chell's Roost . The template isn't good, but it's not bad. It kind of reminds me of my nephews artwork hanging on my fridge, except the major difference between this blog and my nephew is that my nephew is all of 5 years old and has no idea about the amass of graphic artwork out there that he can use, and I somehow think that Mrs. Chell is well aware. The background image reminds me of nursing home wallpaper, the header reminds me of walking in a cross-stitch wonderland, and the whole look has all the appeal, in my opinion, of tchotchke's gone wild. I appreciate the value of mouse drawn graphics, but they don't have to look so, what's the most inoffensive way to put this? "Betty Jo Sue's Country Style" I think is a good way to put it. I'm a big fan of the mouse drawn art myself [see: exhibit 1; exhibit 2;exhibit 3.], but I just can't seem to get into the tchotchke glamour of it all.

I'm also not a huge fan of the 3 column layout, and prefer to see the use of a little java scripting to just have the side columns collapse and expand as desired by the reader and/or author. Given the fact I have no idea how to code for wordpress blogs at all, I'll let the three columns slide--afterall, they aren't too distracting, they aren't insanely long, and they are pretty well organized. One thing I won't let slide is the fact that her "Welcome" is smack dab in the heart of her blogging area, and it confused the shit out of me when I was looking at this last night after celebrating the patriots win with yet another four beers me. I think it's better suited for one of the sidebars--there are two to chose from--a seperate "About this Blog" link, or maybe for the header. I'm also not 100% sure I like the cutsey-wootsie first letter graphics. I dig the idea most greatly, but on my own computer screen [and I'm looking at this via Firefox on an Xbrite Sony LCD Screen, at the highest resolution that exists] it kind of melds into the background a bit and makes them hard to read. Maybe bold them up a bit, or choose a similarly cursive font that's a big less thin with its lines. Lastly, I'd like to see more posts on the post page. Her posts aren't long at all, so three posts on the main page is lacking. I'm aware there's a link to click to see "all posts," but archive diving [as the reviewee below so harshly found out] is something most people don't engage in, even if they really like the blog. If you want to be a hypocrite about things and expect people to go through your blog, then have a party but I suggest showing the world a little more of what you're working with.

As for the content, well, it's her goings-on and the goings-on of the world with her thoughts, opinions, and ideas sprinkled within. It has it's moments of "Preach on!" and it has it's moments of "Dear god, I'm yawning again," but I think that's true of any and every blog out there. It's damn near impossible to be entertaining and awesome at all times, post with some sort of regularity, and have any outside hobbies or life. Least in my opinion. I do enjoy her post about coin discrimination in America-but I travel a lot and how else are you supposed to get rid of foriegn currency coins if not for vending machines, toll booths, etc?

For a smoking hot [no seriously, check out her picture, she's quite the delicious woman and I can only hope I look half that good at her age] pagan woman from Minnesota, I have high, high, high expectations for the content of this blog, but the first few posts aren't meeting those high hopes. I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and my own laziness--I mean, it was just the holiday season and getting back into things is a bitch, that I'm more aware of than anyone I think.

I give her for being a smoking hot Pagan woman from Minnesota, and having posts which are thought provoking at times, yawn provoking at times, and overall decent at most times.

A for the template because it's pretty fucking country my dear. Not sure if that's the look you want, but there's no way a look like that will get more than a snicker, an "Oh Jesus Christ", and a "My eyes" from me, and I'm thinking most of the reviewers. Do what you want with it, but I do hope you figure out a more fitting place for the "Welcome" and a slightly more visible first letter font.

Lastly, a to all our readers. We've been gone for a while, and that's mostly my fault, but I don't think we can show you how much we appreciate your continued reading. Thanks guys!


  1. Thank you! I appreciate the time and thought you put into reviewing my site. Your suggestions are *extremely* helpful. Although I am keeping a cutesy country graphic theme on purpose, the rest is certainly going to play a part in near-future layout changes. :)

  2. Not a fan of the 3 column. I think it's unneccessary. Like the content, tho

  3. Good lord, she *is* cute. Blog is decent, but I'm not a fan of the 3-col either.

    Knibb High Football rules!

  4. Yer not cool unless you pee your pants!

  5. God, she is a hotty.

    I think the 3 columns wouldn't bug me so much if they were spaced properly. They need more interior space between the words (otherwise known as more white space on the page).

    I also hate, hate, hate the brown background with black words. it's almost illegible. But she sure is cute. rowr. ;)

  6. *turning several shades of red* I just wanted to pop in again and thank Bitter Mistress, Atomic and Love Bites for also taking the time to look at my site. Your thoughts on it will have a huge impact when I redesign. Definitely there won't be 3 columns, and, alas! I will have to give up the gunnysack background. Most of the time friends aren't too quick to admit they'd like something different with your website, even when asked. That fact and your practical advice make you... well... Gods of blog appeal- lol! Seriously, thank you, and also for the comments that made me turn all those shades of red.


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