Friday, March 09, 2007

Can I Go Two Times? You Bet I Can

Hello, my friends. Fireballs back from the depths, with a double shot, much like the stunningly fabulous Bitter Mistress (whom I've had a major blog-crush on for quite some time now). Anyway, perusing the list, I see I've been assigned Woman With Kids. Of course I have. Being a male, with no children and eminently single, for the life of me, I don't get MOMMY blogs. Seriously, I don't. Do you all need the internet to give updates about how fantastic your children are? Shouldn't you be spending time NOT on the internet, and actually taking care of your children? I dunno, these are the things that bother me late at night.

Okay, fine, on with the show. It's a standard blogger template, the green and orange "565" template, which isn't horrible, but it ain't exactly Picasso either. So, with most of the standard blogger template blogs, it's all about the content, because the fucking template isn't making me want to come back and stare at it. She says she's "funny, allergic to garlic, and loves shoes". Apparently, she's a well-dressed cosmopolitan vampire, or something. The sidebar is mercifully short, with just an "About Me", some links, and archives in some weird hierarchal order. Whatever. Shockingly, she doesn't give cutesy names to her kids, she came up with Boy 1 and Boy 2. So apparently, they're right out of Theodore Geisel's mind. Look him up if you don't recognize. The writing isn't horrible, has decent gramatic stylings, and for the most part, doesn't make me want to turn away in horror. It's not Shakespeare, and I don't think she claims to be.

Look, it's not my cuppa, that's all. I'm giving the following for this MOMMY blog:

I cannot give it more, because the content is just there, it's nothing amazing. The template is fairly lame. You take care of two kids and your dad, so maybe blogging is your outlet. If so, good on you then.

Secondly, we have Am I Annoying You Yet?. When I first read that title, I shuddered at what it might be, but lo and behold, it's a definite winner in terms of reviewable blogs. I'm hard with anticipation, honestly.

The template itself is nothing special, but she got a specially-made header image, and given the blogs content about health/fitness/advice, it definitely fits. She clearly states in her "About Me" that she's not a Doctor or Nutritionist, but it's a concern of hers and something she clearly feels strongly about. I can get behind that, because quite frankly, good blogs have a centralized theme, in one way or another. Clearly, people, if you're going to write a slice-of-life blog, people need to be able to glean from your top post what's in your life, what matters, what is important to you. If it's just "Wow, me and D went to the mall and I bought some shoes and isn't Paris a skank?" I don't give a shit. Sorry, I just don't. Something like "In my ongoing quest to find the perfect pair of black heels, I found some Aigner's at DSW that would have made Paris Hilton slap on a habit" will get me to come back.

At any rate, she has a theme and a decent template. The sidebar isn't humongous, but I'd like to see the archives rolled up. Other than that, it's all good.

Well done.


  1. Aww...Fireballs, I heart you too.../blushing uncontrolably.

    As for these blogs, that's where the love affair ends for me. The first is a mommy blog, so that's out, and the second has ads...GAAA!

  2. Aww fireballs, and here I thought it was me you really loved.

    I am green with envy. ;)

    I like her blog. I utterly hate the template, and some more introduction might be good, cast of characters, all of that, but I like her content. it made me spew coffee on the keyboard because yeah, single mothering and online dating and all that shit...they are JUST LIKE THAT.

  3. Yippee! I didn't get roasted on a spit or flaming middle fingers! For that, I am greatful. Thanks!

    Your humble mommy blogger,

    Woman with kids

  4. Big props for reviewing the mommy bloggers without being a bastard. And I'm not being sarcastic.

  5. Ok, first, anyone who doesn't know who Theodore Geisel is without Wikipedia's help needs to read more. Second, you referenced a pair of shoes, by designer, in my favorite place to buy shoes.

    Hot. Totally hot.


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