Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Two For the Price of One...

OK, I've been remiss in my duties, so I'm doubling up on my missed post from last week, and it's a good thing, too, cuz these are short reviews, unlike the blogs themselves.

Review #1: Whisky and Coke. Blogger from across the pond. Usually I like the Brit bloggers as they're all snarky and usually attractive men I lust over, however, this one, not so much (the fact that the author is a woman, notwithstanding). The posts are just long. Too goddamn long for me. Long to the point where my mind wanders to cleaning out my fridge and scooping out the litter boxes, which are interesting activities compared to reading this blog. I'm sure she's a great person and all, but really, this shit is just too long for me. The template is pretty boring, white with a flower-y header with a creepy looking kid and is horribly broken in FF.

I give it for the long, boring posts and the broken template.

Review #2: Life...or Something Just Like It. Jesus, another long ass poster. Single mom without being too much of a mommy blogger, but dear god, the length! I couldn't even finish one post! I'm glad she found a man, and we all love to talk about our men (yes GNVP and Balls, we are talking about your penis size and skillz in the sack with our girlfriends), but seriously, think about editing down. It's not like I hate long posts, but when three of them are so long and all about "I did x,y, and z today and isn't it great that I picked up my drycleaning?" for a full page, I just zone out. The template is nice and clean and I love that header, although, I'd suggest maybe putting your links above your archives, but that's just my personal preference.

Again, I give this one a for the long posts, but a for the neat header and well organized template, that is not broken in FF.


  1. argh...i've been checking all week waiting for the bombs to drop! lol, thanks for the review, guess I have been long winded lately...then again, I'm pretty much long winded all the time. I'll work on it.

  2. Actually, I don't think the posts are all that long. Either that, or I am seriously long winded. But I go to a lot of blogs that have waaaay longer posts.

  3. Kara is one of my long-time reads. Perhaps her blog is one of those that you have to have been following to appreciate? I dunno, but I love her. She cracks me the hell up.

  4. Ok. You might be a bitch, but you are most definitely a cool one.

    I am soooo linking you, kiddo.

    My place is here

    Feel free to hit below the belt if you care too. I've got plenty of protection built up from years of dairy queen cones and Horton's ice caps.


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