Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Funk Dizzle!

Believe me when I say I was fuckin stoked to be back in the saddle, back in the groove, back with my ass clappin' sister soul mates-and Atomic Fireballs, of course, and then I load the page du jour, and what the fuck do I see?

One post since the clocks switched over to 2007. Well, if she can't be bothered to post, I can't be bothered to give enough of a shit to review what she's got.

I will say that rainbow sherbert orange is not a color that should be the feature of any blog.

That should about cover it. Thanks for playing, ho!

*Addendum: I'm giving myself a
because I'm so stoked for my vacation that my mind is already on vacation and I totally forgot to say what blog I assed out on reviewed. The site is Saartejes World. Thanks for pointing that out to me Spill The Beans, you sexy, sexy, sexy thing you.


  1. Whoa. A waste of time, eh?

  2. Wow, I suck, I'll get both of my reviews up today...sorry...

  3. It must the weather, or something, because a good 75% of the blogs I read daily haven't posted jack shit since about New Year's.



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