Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Someone Take the PB Cups Away!

Anyone ever notice that when you eat too much chocolate you not only feel like you're going to chum all over the place, but you also get the feeling that you're head is not attached to your head? It's not dizzy, per se, it's just not normal. Anyway, should you be a total glutton like me due to monthly ovarian uprising, be forewarned of the consequences of eating an entire 20 pack of peanut butter cups. Sadly, I'm just patiently waiting for our pizza party so I can go eat some more. Yay ovaries!

Naturally, this has absolutely nothing to do with reviewing blogs, or the blog I'm reviewing today: Momentary Madness, which, to be totally honest--and it really could be the fact I've eaten enough chocolate to kill most people and it's not even noon yet--I don't get this blog.

Rephrase, I don't understand the post concerning her son reciting a scripture during primary exercise. Anyone know what the fuck that means? I noticed while perusing her "100 things about me" section the letters "BYU", and thus I'm going to assume the author is Mormon and scriptures, as well all primary exercises, are all part of the Mormon religion which my Jewish ass is blissfully ignorant about.

Anyway, the template is pretty plain, but well organized. It's a lot of white and there's nothing really inspiring about it--oh, and nothing jumps out about it. I want to see some madness! Unless you are tapping the "madness" motif by employing the "My blog looks like a white padded room" ideology, and even then I'm somehow managing to yawn after eating all that goddamn chocolate and working on my twelfth cup of copy since 8am.

Content? I'd safely put this in the "mommy blog" niche. Not my cup of tea, but apparently it's someones because there are so many goddamn mommy blogs out there, and if no one likes them then there wouldn't be any, right? God, I hope so.

I give it a . The template is a total snooze, there are pictures of children, stories about children, interesting artistic "funny" things, and it's just basically not my cup-a-tea, or peanut butter for that matter.

And, just as a caveat, there seems to be this notion that we hate all blogs that could be dubbed "mommy blogs," and that's not the case. We've given rave reviews to mommy blogs, but they happen to be mommy blogs that relate to we folks without children. I can't relate to changing diapers or anything else that comes along with motherhood, and I surely don't want to see tons of pics of rugrats. I don't even like looking at photo albums of my nephews.


  1. You should mix peanut butter cups, bananas and vanilla yogurt together. It will make you cry.

    I'm writing a recipe for a Peanut Butter and Banana cake... I'll post it on my blog when it's done.

  2. Oh wow. I think I just came a little.

  3. I looked at it the other day, and I wouldn't have said anything different regarding it.

    And this recipe better be shared. I'll be checking.

  4. The recipe is up on my blog. It takes about 2 minutes to prepare.

    Haha, my blog is up for review. I'm sure people are going to think I'm offering the recipe as a bribe...


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