Tuesday, May 15, 2007

You Mean I Have to Read???

Ok, babies, it's me, Bitter Mistress, checking in, just making sure Kitty hasn't fired me for be laz-ay on the review front. The good news, not fired, can still log in, and can still make with the reviews. Sweet...

Since I'm still recovering from a 5 day booze fest (friends graduating from law school, dates...yes, dates, a Geek Prom, and one day spent just sitting on the couch watching cable), this is gonna be short and sweet.

Red Hog Diary, a liberal political blog, was reviewed just a few short months ago and apparently he wasn't satisfied with the 2 stars he received from a Republican. Go figure. You would think he lucked out by getting a confirmed bed-wetting liberal as a reviewer, but you would be wrong. I hate political blogs. I hate them almost as much as I hate mommy blogs. I hate them just slightly less than I hate having a guy flirt shamelessly with me on a local message board, then finally meet up with him in person, bring my A game with witty banter while wearing mascara, only to have the guy go incommunicado after said date (whew, just had to get that off my chest). He was ugly, by the way. Anyway, I don't read political blogs because I get my daily dose of liberal propaganda from this paper and NPR, and I don't care to read oodles and oodles of commentary from some dude on the interwebs who has questionable poly-sci credentials and listens to classic rock and smooth jazz (WTF?). Blogs and the media in general is why I'm starting to dislike discussing politics at all anymore, even when people agree with my mostly liberal, with a light sprinkling of Republican, leanings. Everyone has an opinion, and now, with the internet, those opinions can be read, discussed, and masturbated over, ad nauseum. I'm over it people, and apparently, since these types of blogs are sprouting up by the hundreds everyday, you don't need me to tell you how great you are and to say how, "gee, I've never thought about it like that before."

The template is "meh" with a side of "eh, I don't hate it, but I wish the archives weren't is such a weird spot." And that's all I have to say about that...

I give it a for being yet another political blog set in a sea of political blogs with nothing original to offer.
And a for resubmitting to increase readership, when you should have just taken your 2 stars and skipped off into the sunset...


  1. Agreed. I was in a more than giving mood that day when I gave him 2 stars.

    I don't mind them submitting for a re-review, but to do it just to meet some fucked up goal of getting more readership in a month? If you were that fucking awesome and/or important you wouldn't be on blogger, asshole.


  2. I must admit, I started reading, and about halfway through the first sentence, I was pissed. So pissed I didn't really notice that increase your readership bull...bleah...

  3. I'd rather stare at pictures of some woman's kids than have to read someones political ideaology that's written out as if they have some kind of impact on the way shit is run.

    I revel in my indifference, goddamnit. It's the American way.

  4. I wish I could spell ideology correctly the first time without having to dictionary.com it.

  5. Ya know, I don't surf the fucking internet to read long passages of shit. Jesus Christ, be brief, post a fucking picture once in a while and the world will beat a path to your blog. Oh, stop bitchin' about hangovers and take your alcoholism like a man/woman.

  6. Um, thanks ladies. I didn't resubmit though. Perhaps it was an oversight on my part because you took so long to do the first one...who knows. Anyway, I wouldn't count on your review for a way to boost readership. I noticed no jump in numbers last time. I kind of enjoyed the spanking though...in a creepy kind of way. Oh, by the way...old people listen to smooth jazz, I qualify.

  7. Did he just insult us? Indirectly, anyway? Whatever.

    Missed you, Mistress. Glad you're back.

  8. I think he did insult you, in a strangely backhanded, pussy kind of way.

    I love jazz. There's no excuse for listening to elevator music. It just makes you into a wanker.

  9. He lost me at "My pastor was telling a story..."



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