Monday, June 04, 2007

I Feel Fat

In case you haven't heard, the mother fuckin' Cleveland Cavaliers are going to the finals, and in case you have any doubt-yes, they are going to kick San Antonio's ass. Why am I bringing this up? I was there, watching Boobie and Bron-Bron send the Pistons packing and Wallace on a tirade after his thuggish looking ass fouled out, and I'm going to be there when the Cavs rise up again and show the Spurs. Witness bitches.

I'm also bringing this up, because Cleveland, though one of the countries biggest shit holes, is also a prime example of races living in humble symbiosis, but people will always have their prejudices and stereotypes, as the author of Views of the Silent Majority has kindly pointed out.

Brass tacks: Standard blogger template, the archives are getting to the point where it's time to roll'em'on up, and yes, you guessed it, it's a total snoozefest. I know I shouldn't hate on the standard blogger templates, but there are so many options out there, that's it's almost inexcusable to not use your blogs template to show us some flair. Brian has 37 pieces of flair. Get on that shit.

The content isn't for me. It's reminiscent of all those people I went to college and law school with who attempted to be upper crust elite, but would still get worse grades than me--the slacker who didn't give a shit about anything academic. Basically, I find those people who get to college/graduate school/a point in life/whatever and fulfill some kind of persona they think they should have absolutely fucking obnoxious. Intelligence is something you have or don't, it's not something you flaunt in the hopes people will believe you have it.

Now should this chick actually be this way? Well, I still wouldn't like her. I'm a goofball, I like to have fun, and if I'm going to spend time reading something, you know it's not going to have some kind of educational or real world value. This caveat excludes The Onion.

For me, this blog reeks of trying too hard. Maybe I have this opinion because I think a blog is the last place you should explore your political views, or talk about anything serious on a regular basis that extends personal strife and turmoil, but it's still my opinion.

I give it a and a

And now I go finish eating all my Boss' Crunch Dibs. The bitches are tasty!


  1. I'm just struggling to read the sentences - sans punctuation and the spelling. Didn't even get as much out of it as you did.

  2. The lack of punctuation and the rather frequent improper use of word tense kind of led me to believe that she fell into that crowd of people who try so hard to be an academic that they must flaunt it at all times, because they just aren't.

    Either you have it or you don't. I find most people who do have it keep it toned down until it needs to shine, like in something school related and not a blog. Duh.

  3. It's not even an issue of intelligence, it's that "I'm still in college trying on a shiny new persona--look how liberal and open-minded and tolerant I am."


    I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm all for liberality and openmindedness and tolerance and shit, unless we're talking about tolerating idiots (I'm anti-idiotic), but jeez. Really trying too hard.

    Maybe this person could actually blog about the stuff she left out, like the great organizations she joined, and the great friends she made, and the experiences she had in college, versus writing a high-school-level term paper about how shocked she was about racism.

    Seriously, you were shocked? Jeez.

  4. hey thanks for the review. I sorry I came off that way. I am not like that in my peronal life I find that most people don't want to hear the things I have to say so I refrain from speaking about it. My blog is the only place I can talk about thing that really truely matter to me. Why do you think I am a girl, I'm a guy.

  5. He, she, it's all nuance. They're just titles we wear, and we should shirk the titles.

  6. I live in Toledo, and I even I think Cleveland is an utter shithole.

    The lack of punctuation on this blog has made my eyes bleed. Perhaps it is the fact that I stabbed myself in the eyes with a fork to stop reading it.


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