Tuesday, June 19, 2007

It smells like carrots, AND CRAP!

What happens when you aren't in the mood to do this shit? You do this shit.

Alex-Road To Freedom. Simply put, I fucking hate it. Nothing is worse than travel blogs by foreigners, other than travel blogs by foreigners with a Jesus loving message behind it.

. That's all I got for that one.

Next is Be The B oy, another blog that doesn't tickle my fance what-so-ever. I don't get it. Do you really need to post video's of your significant other when you see them every fucking day? Talk about overkill. Yea, yea, sure friends and family watch the videos, blah blah fucking blah. Everyone knows that the single person that views your blog more than anyone else is YOU!

You get a .

Talk about a bad week. My penis is more aroused by the idea of napalm being rubbed on it that either of these blogs. Sweet Jeebus.

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