Sunday, June 24, 2007

Oompa Loompa Doopity Doo!

For those who don't know, my absence has had more of a reason than me just being the bomb ass biatch that I am. It turns out that the jack asses of the IT department decided to put up a firewall that blocks all sites non-work related. I've never flirted so shamelessly--I should have just put my pussy in a basket and sent it to the fuckers. Anyway, part of the bargain was that I try out a self-tanner for the woman I affectionately call "IT Dyke," which I didn't think would be of any real consequence seeing as I'm of an olive skinned nature and the crap I had to try was for light skinned people. Well, that bitch knew what she was doing. I got my settings reset so that I can get around the firewall without my boss knowing it, she and the rest of the office get to laugh hysterically at the fact I resemble a sun-crisped Oompa Loompa. Fantastic!

Thank G-d I get to take my aggression out on a blog today, but, of course, The Silent Room, is not the unspeakable piece of shit I was longing for. No, it's actually quite good.


The template is positively dreamy and an epic example of how a dark background is not only totally feasible, but doesn't make reading the text a nightmare. The theme is simple, but it's implemented flawlessly, and I love, love, LOVE! how everything on the sidebar opens up to it's own page. That doesn't go to say I don't have my complaints. C'mon. I'm female, I'm PMSing, and my skin tone went from this shade to this shade in the course of a night's sleep--I always can find something to bitch about.

Complaint number one: There's no way to get back to the goddamn "main" page from any of the other pages. Would it kill you to have a link back home? Are you too good for your home?! Complaint number two: It'd be super sweet if you made the defining of each separate blog post a little more obvious than a slightly larger font for your blog post titles and some lines. I'm sure it's easy to find the logical end of a post through a reading of the posts, but I--much like the average human being--so don't have the attention span to do that. Last complaint: Why don't you make the "Egghead" link so much more of a big deal? That shit is pure genius! I would totally have passed that up where I not trying to find a third thing to bitch about.

As far as content goes, it's not so bad to call it the equivalent of plain old toast, but it's not so great so as to warrant its celebration with the nomenclature of best breakfast food ever. I'd say it's in a B+ range on a system where this page--Ask And Ye Shall Receive, is an A+ on all fronts. He writes very well. Almost too well. You know that fine line between talented and pretentious? He's riding it, but in my opinion he's leaning on the side of talented.

He yearns for mental challenge and enlightenment, and I can dig that, just not on a daily basis. This is the type of blog I'd read every now and then.

I give it

Oh, and you ain't so smert! I got 100% too!!

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And now, I go back to scrubbing the shit out of my skin in the hopes I return to a human color shortly.


  1. Oompa Loompa appears to be the new skin tone craze. I'm sure you fit in with all the teeny boppers, now.

    The blog's not bad. Not bad at all. I'm still perplexed by the idea of a fart smelling like roasted ginger. Is that good or bad?

  2. hey, thanks for the feedback! That bit on my writing being 'talented' is a real ego boost :p

    Actually, the title image on the header DOES link back to the home page. I should probably make that more obvious. I totally agree with the oart about defining the separation of each blog post. I've been thinking about it for some time, too. *scratch head*

    Glad to know you enjoyed my comics :D I 'could' make it a bigger deal, but since I only add new strips like, once every few months, I figured that it'd be unfair if I gave it too much attention.


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