Friday, June 22, 2007

You Don't Have To Watch "Dynasty" To Have An Attitude

I love being the one you all think about over the weekend. "Oh, that Fireballs, what won't he say next?" and all that. Yeah, you're coming to the realization that you want me on Friday, that you need me on Friday, that I'm the one who knows what you so desperately desire. That shot of adrenaline as you wake up, and click over to Ask, thinking "What did he say today?"


I love you all, too.

Pointless Drivel is today's entry into the funhouse. In speaking with a few mates this week regarding this submission, I discovered that this gent is quite popular. So naturally, when I clicked over to read and make notes, I discovered, yes, this is true. He's quite popular, and it's well-deserved.

Let's dig into it, shall we? Lay back and relax. I'm going to tell you right off that I'm not in love with this template, for several reasons. Personally, I cannot stand chocolate brown for a background color. He apparently bought and paid for this template, and what the hell, I'll link to the designer, because someone out there *coughAsarahackcough* might want to consider something new in template design. At any rate, my other main problem with this viewing experience is the unbelievable amount of crap things on this sidebar. Fucking A, dude, that's a LOT of things to click. A bloke could get lost in all that. I'd prefer to see a cleaner look to it, quite frankly.

In terms of the design, overall, though, I don't hate it. I like the fonting and the organizational aspect of the posts themselves. Brown background and a huge-ass sidebar notwithstanding, I can give this template a pass.

The meat and tomatoes of this blog (yeah, I said tomatoes, sue me) is the author's stunning and sometimes downright strange sense of humor. He is very funny, which seems to be the point of this blog. I dig the writing, and he seems to be around my age because I totally got the Mr. French reference. Oh shit, I just admitted I'm old. Dammit. Ignore that.


I can say nothing more about the writing, it's brilliant and I wouldn't change a thing. My feelings on the template are stated above. They aren't dealbreakers for me, I'd gladly show this blog to my grandma and watch her gasp in horror.

You know what this means.



  1. mr. fab never fails to crack me up... he's INSANE! :)

  2. *throws her panties up on stage for balls*

  3. How does one get the title of fabulous? I could use it. Mistress Fabulous Empyrean? I dig.


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