Friday, June 08, 2007

Holla At Your Boy

For the endless cycle of shit I've been given to review lately, I heartily salute Kitty. I guess since I trashed Asara last week, she wants to test my resolve, and see if I'll do it again.

Ostentatious Sophism is today's entry. At first glance, the header image/title area seems a bit off, as the photo is really quite cool, but the text isn't either in the box, or centered, or anything. It's left-justified and sort of between the photo and dead black space.


Anyway, this person seems to update randomly, and while the posts are well-written, they aren't exactly earth-shattering in their power to amuse. He also quotes Destiny's Child for some reason. Now, I'm all about Beyonce's ass, like every red-blooded hetero male out here, but seriously. I don't quote their fucking songs on my blog.

He's in love though, so what can you do? Seems like everyone is getting laid these days but me. Fuck. I'm sure Love Bites will have some witty ass remark about this, too, so lay off. I'm in no mood.

I give him credit for not cluttering his shit up and a generally clean look, and as I said, other than the header image, I don't hate this. Wouldn't mind seeing the sidebar rolled up a bit, as I think it would add to his oeuvre, but that's just me. It's not my cuppa as far as content goes, but it doesn't make me want to punch someone in the nads, either. So congratulations, I'm not going to filet you this morning, you boring sonofabitch.

Attempt to be more interesting, and learn some HTML in terms of your header and the sidebar. Other than that, keep on keepin' on.

Big ups to Brooklyn. I'm out.


  1. Yawn... what, oh, there was a blog there? I didn't notice.

    Welcome to the world of endless cycles of crap. You and everybody else I fucking know. Drink more. That's how I think I'm gonna deal.

  2. Hey, give the kid a break, he wants to "see past the vail of society"..a poet philosopher

  3. I fucked up. Kitty did that one Monday. Read the new shit.

  4. Have I mentioned lately how gawdamn sexy you are, ballz baby?

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  6. Hey, thanks for the review. I am not sure why the header did not show properly on your screen, but I will look into it. I may submit for a re-review in a month or so after a few revisions, but thanks again!

  7. MY! MY! MY! MY!


  8. Just stumbled on by, I have to give it too you, you thought up of a very good idea rating blogs like this.

    kudos to you, heck, even m&m covered kudos for the idea.

    Rock on.


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