Friday, June 15, 2007

The Perfect Storm

That's Mister Atomic Q. Fireballs to YOU, bitches.

FRIDAY is up in this house! Time for Fireballs to work his magic as only he can.

So check Tiny Voices in the head of the Webmiztris. Now ordinarily, I'd rip on that name. However, in this case, I'm totally giving it a pass because of the following reasons:

1. Rockin' template. Clearly made by her. I like the colors, I like the graphics, the header, the organizational skills, the clean look. I fucking LOVE this template to death. TO DEATH!

2. She's cuter than a bug's ear. Are bug's ears cute? I don't know since I don't go out of my way to examine bug's ears, but if bug's ears are cute, than she has them beat. Oh, by the way, yours truly is also in PA. But I'm in the Illadelph. Home of the cheesesteak, the TastyKake and the soft pretzel. That's right, Philly, the City that Makes You FAT.

3. She can write. She keeps things simple, and yet you know instantly where she's going with her anecdotes, stories and thoughts. Please see this blog for how a blog should be written in a slice-of-life style, all you wannabes. I love authors that are able to tell me everything I need to know in a three or four paragraph post. She accomplishes this quite nicely with no grammatical errors, gross punctuation problems, or awful turns of phrase. We've seen this here all too often, so this is a refreshing change of pace.

4. She's married, and she's happy about it, seemingly. The agenda here isn't one that makes me want to turn my head and cough because of the deathgrip on my nuts. She likes her husband, she's willing to admit she went to see the Gin Blossoms (who knew they where still around? Not me, surely.), and she's clearly someone I'd have a beer with, if her husband wouldn't object. He probably would, though, given my suave English ways. That's okay, though. Lucky kid, he is.

Look, I'm not big for giving out four stars, I think I've done it once or twice in the year (?) or so that we've been doing this. This deserves FIVE.

This is the best blog I've seen in a year. Blogroll her immediately, I command you.

Now, I'm off to the bar. Patron shots all around. Mistress, I need a word in the corner. Bring your drink.

I'm out, motherfuckers.


  1. Yeah, I like her, too. This chick is cool. Wish she lived in my neighborhood.

  2. See, the smoking one was funny to me...I don't need to read any further, I like her already...

    Balls, your wish is my command...

  3. Okay, fine, who am I to try to stand in the way of two star-crossed lovers. Just, the only favor I ask is this...can I watch?

  4. Only if you know how to work a digital video camera...

  5. Is it wrong that I took the day off and have started drinking before noon?

    I didn't think so.

  6. Mistress, I'm you're girl. I even know how to LIGHT the scene properly.

    Balls: Wrong? Nah. Interesting? Yeah. ;)


    I fucking love you too, Atomic....thanks for the excellent review!

  8. Shots of Patron will get you lucky, Balls. Just sayin'...

  9. Liquid pantry remover. Hook me up.

  10. How come no one ever wants a word with me huh?

    So, three days of no reviews? My aren't the youts on this site slacking like the bitches we is?

    Blog is okay. I'd tap that. For sures.

  11. You'd tap anything with a hole.

    By the way, what's up with E's ass hurting? Hmmmm?!

  12. She is wonderful and she designed my site. Great writing!

  13. Webmiztris is one of my all time favorite people, not to mention, she's my homie, yes Pittsburgh. Well, I did Prison time in Pa and went to live in the 'burgh, ha!
    I love your blog and of course will link to it. It's some good shit!

  14. She designed my template. We have yet to have drinks together. I eagerly await the day.


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