Thursday, July 12, 2007

yet another in the long line of girl crushes

Well, this is an easy review...

After spending an hour cruising the interstate in a convertible this evening while listening to shiny toy guns, I really wasn't in the mood to rip someone down the hindquarters from stem to stern. Thank you little baby jesus lying in the manger, and thank you ghandi, and thank you buddha, and thank you Tom Cruise for providing me with decent blog-fodder to fit my mood this evening.

Up for review: Mephitic Nirvana by zee, who has only been blogging for 3 short months. I'd kill for her abs. Bitch. ;)

About the blog
*Not horrific (though I hate the header image) template (tho I'm not a huge fan of purple)
*Writing that makes me snicker (in a good way)
*Hot pics (I'd do her)

The only criticism i have of this blog is that there is something janky about the template in IE, which forces the content down below the sidebar and pulls up a bunch of code in the archives.

I think she's funny, snarky, and cool. i'll definitely be reading more.

kudos. Way to start off right.

I give it

I'd give it 4, but after only 3 months under her belt, i think she still needs something to strive for. ;)


  1. Oh wow! I should have known I'd get reviewed before I figured out what was wrong with my template. The problem is, when I preview it in IE it looks fine, and then I publish and it's still buggered. I really have no clue what's wrong with it. Probably also doesn't help that I'm a design artist so every computer I have access to, including my own, is a Mac and uses Safari or Firefox. Not a fan of purple either, but I must have been in a purple mood when I drew the header.

    I'll trade you chest for abs. Boobs are way more awesome, and a requisite accessory to looking mooi

    Anyway, thanks for the review. I thought I'd get ripped a new gat, but even if I did I'd still come back and read because you were the first blog I ever stumbled upon that was in discernable English and I love how no-holds-bar it is around here.

  2. Zee is awesomely awesome. Outstandingly so. 'Nuff said.

  3. Why thank you! I figured out what was wrong with my template. Apparently copy and pasting is too advanced for me. Oy!

  4. Hey reviewers, I left you something at my blog today.

  5. we do kinda rock. thanks, Jan. speaking of stilletos, i have some hot ones on today. it's amazing how the right pair of heels can really make your legs look good.


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