Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Stormeka Magnegro, come on down

It's Tuesday morning, I've already had way too much coffee, and I'm actually writing a blog review. How cool is that? I've missed reviewing blogs, though not as much as I miss sex these days. bah humbug on penises! Or peni! Or, rather, the lack thereof.

Today's review is of Pamalicious. Bend over Pammy, you kinky kinky girl, because you're up for a spanking. But you knew that, didn't you?

Okay...template. I like it. It's unique, and so is Pamalicious. No complaints on the template, it's easy to maneuver around on, and it works. It's also white, and I love me some white when it comes to black words on white background. Take a lesson, peeps. If I can't read your shit, it's hard for me to be favorably impressed.

Now, on to the blogging. This is where Pam and I are going to part ways. In a lot of ways, Pam is a part of an extended circle of bloggers who circulate and read each other's words. The same is true for many of us, the communal aspect of blogging is what keeps us addicted when we'd long ago have abandoned a paper journal.

And, Pam does give us some background about her, but I would beg her to post a simple "about me" at the top of her passport section, because those of us who haven't followed her evolution probably are going to stop reading because we aren't emotionally connected to her yet. And, I didn't see anything immediately that hooked me in. Plus, are you NOI? How did you meet that hot man of yours? What do you do? Where do you live? Just you know, like a paragraph, very concisely, all in one place, about your history and why you started blogging, that sort of thing. Just, give me more.

And really, that's what I'd say about the blog itself...give me more. There are great pieces here...the post on music, the stuff that she loves about her man (and vice versa), those are good stuff. So I know you CAN do it, Pam. I know you have it in you.

But these daily summaries of "I went to the movies, blah, blah blahbiddity blah," FFS, someone stick a fork in my eye, I can't take it. And the 101 ways to save money...good information, really, but put it in an abbreviated post (peek a boo posting, which I know you can do because you do it elsewhere). I hate technological gizmos, so zzzzzz.

I'm not going to hate on you, I'd definitely throw drinks back with you, and you seem cool and fun. But your blog is lacking on soul right now. And depth. Instead of recounting the entire weekend's events, can't you give us a two minute vignette, even if it's only 3 sentences, that makes us smile, or engages us emotionally, or tells something that hooks the reader in and makes them want to learn more about you?

Because, that's why I read blogs. Not to hear what someone did over the weekend, but to live inside their skin.

This year, for Christmas, start celebrating Soulstice. Give us more. Give us your soul, woman.

I give you
for the template, because this is how templates should be done.

But, I give you a right now for content. It's easy to get into a rut with the blogging thing, and you're there, sweetie.


  1. Well Hello! This came right on time! The end of the year - a chance to redeem myself.

    I hear you about the blanding of my soul, lol As we wind down this year - I have become a bit bogged in the blogsoul arena.

    My struggle is that folks actually (or at least in my imagination, lol) get off on hearing about my everyday and believe you me I've read some everyday's that make me want to plunge a chicken bone in my throat sideways. But I hear you!

    I'll wrap up this year and move into 08 with a refreshed soul.

    Thanks for the review and the impending traffic and I'll write the intro ASAP.


  2. "Stormeka Megnegro" is, without a doubt, the greatest name that has ever been recorded in history.

  3. It's SO great, apparently, that I fucked it up...

    "Stormeka Magnegro".

    I am an ass & I feel shame...though that might be hunger I'm feeling.

    Yeah, the second one. I'm a get a hot dog.

  4. I'm one of Pamalicious' faithful readers, ever since the days of her old blog. It's probably because I "know" her that I LOVE the weekend summary-style posts, LOL. It's like calling someone up and saying, "Whachu doing?" And Pam also does let us in - I cheered when she met her now-husband, because I felt like she had done enough introspection to really be ready for a relationship. And I knew she wasn't going to take no mess, LOL. Buuuuut, you're right - maybe lately she has been a little lean on the introspection. That's what happens when you get all married and complacent, LOL. Let that honeymoon wear off, and she'll be back. ;)


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