Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Move into the deep end.

Finally! A blog with some sex! Ok, so it's lacking a necessary feature for me: cockage. (I remember when my college roommate came out to me and I said, "Are you sure? What about all those penises out there that will go to waste? They need love, too. And wait! You can't even watch the lesbian scenes on porn night! Are you really, really sure?") But that's ok. I can deal. Sapphic love can be hot, too.

Like most bloggers, Drowning Pisces writes about her life, work, joy, history, likes, dislikes. That's all well and good, but she's also put together a collection of pieces about what attracts her to women, and that's what managed to draw me into her writing. It's honest and upfront but also delicate, observing those little moments, the gestures and places we forget to remember. And it's sexy. Even if she does use the word groin, which calls to mind burly football players with pulled ligaments.

She's only been blogging for a few months, but she's definitely on the right track. There are some hiccups (One of my pet peeves? Overuse of ellipses.), but she's also managed to be extraordinarily honest and raw, revealing heartache, loss, pain. I admire that. It's brave. And this? "I bounced that quick baby bend-the-knee-and-straighten-before-you-fall bounce… one hand on the door for balance, the other waving in the air because I didn’t know it was attached." Evocative and one of those precious truths of childhood.

My one complaint, really, is the blog template. It's too boring. I mean, it's fine. It works. It's organized. The title is nice and appropriate. But I get the feeling that, both from the writing and the blog design, she's trying to get settled in to who she is. And that's great. But take a chance, pull in some personality for your template. I've read all your posts, and you're not ho-hum.

So, as I seem to keep saying recently, keep writing. Give it some more time. You're only three months in and doing a great job. Keep reading other blogs and developing a community of readership. I get the feeling that 2008 might be a year of exploration for you, with this blog as a mouthpiece and playground.

And most especially, keep writing the sexy stuff. I like it.


  1. Oh, cockage: if there's a better phrase out there, I have yet to come across it...um, so to speak.

  2. Calamity -
    Thanks for the review! Have definitely wanted to work on the template, this will give me a good shove towards that. You're right, I am trying to settle into a new type rhythm. Perhaps I need to get more to the settling than the trying?!

    Thanks again! Your comments and critiques are GREATLY appreciated.

  3. I fucking love you, Calamity. Nicely done review.

  4. I have one additional HUGE complaint about Drowning Pisces:
    I cannot seem to get enough of her writing.

    Dang, this woman is good!

  5. I can't seem to quit her...

    Just thought I'd use some ellipses.

    Great review, great blog.

    Ya'll rock.


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