Friday, February 29, 2008

I like a fat boy

They make a hell of an ice cream sandwich, and I do dearly love an ice cream sandwich.

However, fatboy magazine, I do not love you. Nor am I going to link you. Can you guess why? Let's think about it for a moment. You have a splash page ad that is so vulgar that the person originally assigned to review your blog couldn't even view it on her computer.

Now, I like me some vulgarity. I love sex. I like porn, even. I'm just a dirty, dirty girl. In fact, I tend to think that's one of my better qualities.

But you, and others like you who want us to "review you" just so you can get hits on your prepubescent piece of crap blog and ostensibly make money?

Y'all can fuck off. So, I'm not giving you any linky love (this is called withholding), and I'm not looking at your blog. And, for others out there of your ilk, submit to us, and you'll get the same. Which is probably what you are getting in the sack these days, a big fat nothing.



  1. Yeah, couldn't get to it. Don't want to get to it.


  2. Good approach. I can only imagine what they had to offer and am happy to leave it there. I like me some editorial standards.


Grow a pair.