Monday, March 03, 2008

Marking Time on the 409

She's got her own domain name. Her name is Miss Britt.

And it's another Fireballs Monday.

Why is it that I'm feeling particularly unsatisfied lately? I can't quite put my finger on it, really. Nor any other part of me.

I'm just not having any fucking FUN lately. It's all so convoluted and impossible to explain, suffice it to say if you see a drunk Irishman screaming about how shitty everything is in your local pub, it just could be me.

With that in mind, Miss Britt does have quite a good read. I'm not in love with the blogads on the side, but I'm getting close to not really giving a shit about the clutter and chaos they cause, because honestly, they don't detract a whit from enjoying this blog. It's content is quite good. She's recently into Harry Potter, so I'm totally behind that. She's working on the "100 things about me" thing that seems to permeate certain blogs, but her stuff, again, is good. I have no complaints about the writing, at all, and that's saying something because I'm quite the stickler for grammar, spelling and all that rubbish.

The template itself is decent although I wouldn't go apeshit over it. It's well organized, and her tag stuff at the bottom of each post is small-fonted, so it's not so overwhelming to see what she's up to. She certainly has quite an audience, which is lovely, and obviously she's not getting reviewed here to generate traffic. In truth, anyone who can start a post with the following sentence is aces in my book: "I don’t know if you know this about me, but I am awesome."

So, here's the thing. I cannot go the full monty here with 4 stars. Since this is just an opinion, I'm not down with blog ads, and the template, while quite good, isn't among the best I've ever seen. However, everything else about this blog IS really good, so she gets three stars AND the "I Love You" icon.

Now, I'm off to the pub, and Patron shots are on me. Step up. Peace. Oh, and happy birthday Miss Britt's adorable daughter. Uncle Fireballs will drink a shot in your honor tonight!


  1. I wavered on this one. I don't hate her. I love her letter to her body, for instance.

    But I probably would not be a regular reader because I hate contests and shyte like that. I prefer a short post with more substance than a longer post that's for a reader contest.

    But that's just me.

  2. Is it naughty? My work gestapo won't let me in.

  3. The template is nice, but I didn't get into the content. I mean I read it, but something just made me scan rather than immersing myself. I don't really care about someone's netflix, their lists or their contests. Unless I am the winner, which I never am.

    Maybe I am just in a mood or something. I had to zap the ads, that bugs me because then I lose the template. How much do people make from ads anyway?

    No one asked me for my opinion, but there it is anyway. I probably offer unsolicited advice way too often. I should be charging or something.

    Her husband's blog has the same thing, ads, contests and lists. His Letter to his Body left me in hysterical tears and the photo was amazing. You gotta see this:

  4. I love Miss Britt!

    And I LOVE her "about" page, particularly the line about Macs over PCs.

    She's hysterical.

  5. I'll buy you a round of Slippery Nipples, Balls.

    I like her blog, it's good. That is all.

  6. Yippee! Go Britt! Congrats, girl!

    Oh, and Jan B? Avitable isn't her husband, he's her boss. So, I guess you could say he's her "work spouse."

  7. God, that's just crazy talk. Britt's BOSS blogs? How fucking cool would that be?

  8. Okay Britt, revised opinion.

    I fucking love you. The video won me over. More roller skating & cheerleading.

    Less contests. ;)

    And p.s. we have the same paint colors in our houses. And I would totally drink with you. That is all.

    (I actually went roller skating a few times last year with my kids. The hardest thing of all: peeing on skates. Yeah. Imagine that one).

  9. Occasionally, I'm actually *right* about something. Go figure.

    Mistress, I'd gladly drink up at this point. And it's 8:30 in the morning.

  10. Thanks for the review!

    The contests and shyte are a new addition - and supposed to be limited to Sundays only. I'm experimenting. :-)

    Thanks again. And love bites - I've got vodka and tequila, but you'll have to bring the mixers.

  11. Someone really needs to spank Bitter Mistress and Calamity for not posting reviews yet this week.

  12. Jan B, I don't think I could be married to Britt. We'd murder each other sarcastically ala War of the Roses. And I don't have any ads on my blog at all. I'm anti-ad.

    Great review!


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