Monday, February 18, 2008

It's a Small World After All

Now you'll have THAT in your head all day long. You can spank me later. (See, love_bites, I can make with the spanking innuendoes!)

Happy President's Day! If you're slogging away at work, ha ha, I'm NOT! I'm at home, on the couch, watching television or napping. My company has the weirdest holiday schedule, I swear, but this is one of them. So, thanks Abe and George! You guys fucking rock!

I REALLY am getting an itchy trigger finger when it comes to wanting to rip someone a new a-hole, I truly am. Sadly, Earth To Danie is not shitty enough to tear apart. Can you believe my luck? Honestly.

The template on Danie's blog is quite simple, plain and is effective at it's core. It's a white template with black text, so immediately my failing eyesight is grateful. The header is fairly simple and plain, but it's not ostentatious and it is centered, so thumbs up for that. I really like the idea of stacking all of your buttons at the bottom of your page, and I also greatly appreciate a page that loads quickly because it isn't overloaded with posts. This page is really quite good Danie, and I commend you for the design, layout and overall feel of it.

In terms of the content, it's not going to be something that's all that interesting to me, but I can definitely see others being interested in an expatriate living abroad, especially in India. She keeps things simple, and to the point, and I also think it's conversational enough that any family that keeps up with her through this blog are entertained without being bored.

For those of you sitting there thinking, what the hell happened to the old Fireballs, why isn't he more angry and rude towards these people? Well, you look at this blog and tell me what sucks about it. She's got a clear theme that she works around, she's got a decent, non-offensive template, the page is short, the pictures are clear, everything is centered and other then that god-awful "Where are people visiting me from" monstrosity on the sidebar, there's not much to get wound up about here.

I wouldn't add it to my blog roll. That doesn't mean you shouldn't if you're interested in reading about someone who lives in India. It may be your cuppa in terms of the long run, it's not mine. That doesn't mean I'm going to kill it in a review. Do I have recommendations? You bet I do.

Danie, I think this template is fine, and I think it works for you, but I think you could consider something a bit more refined and snazzy. This one isn't overloaded with personality. It may be delightful for you to know where people are clicking into you from, but those things are aesthetically terrible. Other than those two things, I wouldn't recommend changing much.

Now, I'm making a plea to all of you out there who have blogger friends who truly need to be reviewed into the Stone Age and really torn apart. We'll just keep this between us, kay? Kay. Get them to submit their blogs here. Tell them to request me personally. I need release from these decent blogs. I need to go medieval on someone's behind. Both in the fun way and in the way that makes people cry. You figure out which is which.



  1. Thank you for going rather easy on me. I was so afraid after submitting my blog for review that I contacted at least three designers to overall my template. I haven't heard back from any of them. As for the cluster's so gone. Kind regards, Danie

  2. I actually thought her blog was pretty okay. I might even read it.

    I couldn't go postal on her ass, that's for sure. You're just jealous I got to use some flaming fingers this week, aren't you?

  3. Those flaming fingers are still searing my eyeballs. But this is a decent blog. I won't read every day, but it's fairly innocuous and interesting. And at least it's India without the emo kid.


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