Saturday, April 19, 2008

Ask: Now, with even MORE smartassery

Calamity and I decided, without consulting the penises (you know da womens be runnin thangs in heyah), to add a new feature. Without further ado, or adieu, here it is.

We are going to start running a weekly thread on Saturday/Sunday called "comment of the week." Win eternal glory and the sloppy worship of your peers with your enthralling wit. You know you want the adulation--ffs--you're bloggers, aren't you?

Here are my choices:

Anonymous comments piss me off. Total fuckwits. Why be a smartass or climb onto your high horse if you aren't going to take credit for it? I don't understand the waste of energy.

He had me at "never miss a squirt."

Self-deprecating? My balls. Please, you're woefully underqualified - let me deprecate you instead.

Considering I have actually seen a real live vagina today, (ok it was the same one I've been looking at for over ten years AND it was in stirrups) this has made my f*&^ing day.

There are others, just as good, because our readers are the most schralpin', the most spank bankiest, the most freakflaggiest, the most smacktastic on the planet. So, submit and/or vote for your faves from this week on this thread.

The winner and a link to their blog will be posted on that black block above.


  1. My vote goes to XBOX. I like the 'freakflaggiest'.

  2. I love everybody up there, but I have to say Drizitche takes it. Pure genius in breathtakingly few words.

  3. Key, you ARE the freakflaggiest.

  4. XBOX all the way.

  5. I submit for the approval of the midnight society-

    Nutjobber said:
    This post has been removed by the author.

    Going from the sorts of things I've seen him write, it's only safe to assume that the shit he felt compelled to remove was truly fucking scandalous.

    ~ Driz

  6. I definitely think you've figured out our darling jobber.

  7. Other than XBOX, I really liked this comment: said…
    haha...there is no such thing as bad publicity after all...

  8. Drizitche for sure. I have to steal that line, by the way.

  9. "Smartassery"?

    Can I steal that?

    (I'd vote for Driz's comment, but I think that would be considered self-promoting" my vote goes for X's "freakflaggiest")

  10. I would vote for myself, but I actually like the others better. Besides that, my emotional high came with the comment from the chick who said, "...your readers are pandering for your approval...". HA! Little does she know we don't want your approval! We just want in your pants. All of them.

  11. while Drizitche's is the kind of comment I always dream of getting away with, I vote me.

    I love me.

  12. I don't know - I'm kind of going with LoveBites and "spank bankiest". "Smartassery" comes in second

    But if I can't vote for LoveBites, I'm going with Calamity and "he had me as 'never miss a squirt'"

  13. I'm used to having very little say in what goes on around me. My vote would go to XBOX.

  14. I can not believe no one thought this was good enouh to put here. I spilled some of Colombia's best laughing at this line from the Professor in reviewing my blog.

    "Your most recent post claims that you can show me how to recreate what appears to be a booking shot at the Duval County jail. Thanks for that."

  15. said…
    ...there is no such thing as bad publicity after all...

  16. I seems like there was something about punching someone in the ovaries that made me pretty happy.

    Maybe that wasn't in the comments though.

  17. barry: you are so right, that was an awesome quote.

    That chick: I like that line, it's mine, but it's a retread from an old review, so meh. I don't think it's eligible in all fairness.

    Where else could we punch someone?

  18. I'm fairly fond of both "crotch punch" and "punch her in the box".

    Oh and Boy Child would say, "punch him in the cubes."

    But if I can't vote for that, I'll have to say, "spank bankiest".

  19. I'm just glad you guys seem to be on such a roll. This has been great entertainment!


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