Monday, April 21, 2008

"I'll swallow your soul, I'll swallow your soul, I'll.."

..."Swallow this."

So This is My Blog
Well Hell Michelle
Sue Doe-Nim
Cave of Wonders
I Make Lists

Also, we have banners. It's really about damn time, isn't it? If you've been reviewed, please swipe one and link to us. If you haven't been reviewed, you really should try harder to get into our pants. We might even get nekkid if you link to us. Maybe.

I don't know why imageshack is being retarded about the banners. They're there, just refresh the view if they don't show up. Just in case, here are the locations, so you can just cut & paste into your browser: (***my personal favorite)

I'd try harder, but my OCD got killed this weekend coding CSS. I should note that my project still looks like absolute shite in Firefox and Opera, so I am in a horrid, ugly, hideous mood that is not helped by the fact I am not going to get laid for two weeks. Oh, woe is me. Oh, woe is my reviewee.

p.s. Can you identify this movie quote? ;)


  1. Hmmmm interesting, I actually started clicking around 2 of these last week...

    Cool, I get the quote thingy, did I win by my one selfish self vote?

  2. And I am NOT going to be reviewed any time soon!!!

  3. OMG people, where are you, and why aren't you entertaining me???

  4. sorry, I've been rolling about the carpet at that bewildering 'quote of the week' up there

  5. Your site looks fine to me in Firefox (

  6. Do you feel special, Nappy?

  7. You actually squeaked out a victory by TWO votes, for the record. ;) One of which was yours. We'll just call you Hillary from here on out. Hah!

  8. Thanks, Utenzi, but it isn't this site. It's a different site, one I'm coding for my boyfriend, that looks like pixelated fuckall right at this moment in time.

  9. Do I feel special?

    I may just lick a window.

  10. Is window licking equivalent to being shot with dollops of your sperm? In other words, I should take it as a token of your approval?

    Cuz I have to say: I'm not big on money shots.

  11. For the record:

    #of window licks is a measure of how chuffed or special I am.

    #of squirts, acidic or otherwise is the measure of how chuffed I am with you.

    (incidentally, and I know I shouldn't but it's a disease and I can't stop telling folk this kind of thing, but it's actually quite alkaline, not acidic at all, scoring a ph of 8 and 8.1 in consecutive tests. I need a lie down.)

  12. I already knew sperm was alkaline. See title of this particular post for reference.

  13. not just mine then?

    oh. 1 less lick this evening for me.

  14. No, if sperm were acidic, it would be sour. Oh, nevermind.

  15. "I may just lick a window."

    Oh, how I heart xbox4nappyrash. He wins again with this one, so screw everyone else!

  16. "Someone's in my fruit cellar! Someone with a fresh soul!"

    Love that freakin' movie!

  17. Blond:

    FINALLY! How can the men who visit here not know this movie? How is it that the blond womens is the only ones who recognize the quotes from this masterful movie!

  18. Wow, the above comment is a sign from teh internets that I need much more caffeine. Much more.


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