Monday, June 09, 2008

list of potentially disgruntled and wannabe litigious fuckers

Lofty Matters
Ration Reality
Katie I Am
Soge Shirts


  1. Yay! Katie!

    I can't wait. She is fantastic.

  2. After reading over this week's submissions, I'm sad.

    I honestly love Doc's blog from yesterday's review, but I only like one other site this week.

    Unfortunately, you have to be a member to post comments on her blog, so I'll most likely never read her again.

    This week's blogs have depressed me. I may have to get drunk.

  3. I like one of them ALOT because it is a really sickly fucking funny blog in all the rightest wrong ways, but they have so been off their game the last couple of weeks. Bah.

  4. I've been very ill. Can we bump RR back to the end of the line, please?


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