Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Delayed Interest

Well, babies, I'm back again, limbs intact and ready to rumble. Well, sort of rumble. Actually, it's more like that "I'm not touching you" game you played in order to torture your siblings or younger cousins.

That's because I'm hard pressed to find anything that I really dislike about A Slight Delay, other than the fact that it reads like a community newsletter. You know, that small magazine you get every quarter, filled with well written articles that are vaguely interesting, yet spends six months on your coffee table because you swear you're going to read that piece on water conservation when you have the time. I mean, the subjects the author writes about aren't boring, per se, just not something that screams "READ ME" to me. Maybe they do to others, but I just can't be arsed to give a rip about writing the perfect copy, figuring out your audience, or a blog review on some architecture group.* Thankfully, the author uses the expanded post option wisely and saves a reader's sanity. Delay is a blogger's blog: technically well written, well thought out posts, and as dry as well done toast.

*full disclosure: my eyes glaze over when reading anything about architecture.

However, it's not all bread crumbs and butter, there were a few posts that I really liked. The obligatory post about telemarketers, an interesting little post about capital punishment that I disagree wholeheartedly with, and this fun little roundup of kitchen mishaps (as a domestic nerd who channels her inner homemaker every weekend, I'm kind of hot for food writing). Those three posts, alone, have saved this basically bone dry blog from my cruel words, so I commend you sir.

The template is a basic WordPress minimalist style that, while pretty boring, suits the writer's minimalist style. It's inoffensive and easy to read, although he may want to look into a drop down menu for the archives at some point.

I give it for clean writing, mercifully rolling up some of the longer posts, writing that has a clear point of view and obviously well thought out, and not completely boring me out of my gourd.


  1. I thought he made some excellent points in his capital punishment post.

    The posts I skimmed were all very well written and pretty interesting. But, there was nothing there to pull you in, either in pretty shiny things to look at or snazzy crazy things to read.

  2. He can write. It's clear and intelligent. It's also very 'meh'.

    Good review!

  3. I like him for this line alone: "Nobody writes for the sake of not being read."

  4. I think the lack of comment on this speaks volumes.

    Kind of reads like a free magazine.


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