Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Practically PG

I’m not happy.

I’m not happy that once again I have no reason to run naked and screaming from my caravan at a mere glance at the blog for review.

Practically Wisdom requires reading. Sigh.

Another out of the box blogger template, at least Joe has picked a few colours that make it easy to read, and not tried to blind us with flashing stuff.

The blog is a work in progress, you can tell Joe enjoys it and works hard at it.

He genuinely made me chuckle at a lot of posts, but I never once really laughed. That probably says more about the sewage I prefer to immerse myself in than any lack of cutting edge on Joe’s part.

I would probably blush should he say scrotal irritation or some such.

Joe is very self deprecating, which always makes for good reading. It was nice to see someone take their blog seriously enough to be putting so much effort in, but not take it too seriously as to be haughty.

His posts have evolved into an amusing and familiar exchange between himself, his train of thought, and his long suffering wife, or some other inquisitive soul.

You're not going to find anything earth shattering here, it’s all very nice, and clean fun. For the life of me I don’t know why I feel like they are dirty words around here, but the fact is, they are.

I feel like an utter disrespectful prick for saying the following to someone who has been married longer than I’ve been alive, but sometimes you need to sharpen up the posts.

Your streams of thought can have a lot of waffle in them, sometimes skirt around the point or punch line so much that I want to skip to the next post half way through. Edit a little. Just tidy up, re-read the post before you publish it, in those big blocks of text, there will be plenty you can trim to help make it punchier, sharper, and by default, funnier.

A little more structure in paragraphs or using the occasional blank space line wouldn’t go astray either. This makes your longer posts easier to read and sets a pace.

You definitely can do it, the ‘voice’ of your wife is a lot more to the point and is most often the one that delivers the punch line, coincidence?

You have good stuff here, I love how you set out to entertain and you hit the mark. You’ve not been doing it too long and you’ve improved in that time. I think you’ll be a lot better in 12 months again.

This is the best blog I have had to review.

With more to come with time and continued effort, Joe, for you this was an easy:


  1. I give up. The lack of spacing drove me nuts. As did the rampant italicization.

  2. I'm feeling more and more like I may have been abandoned at birth by the group of gypsies here at AAYSR. Spot, on, FG, and I normally don't agree with anything you say.

  3. You've agreed with me on a number of occasions....

  4. I like him.

    Oh, and seriously? Can we get some major suck on here or something? I'm feeling wrathful.

  5. Sorry, FG, got you mixed up with my ex-wife. Gross.

  6. I have you to thank for the enevelope of steaming excrement I had delived to the office then I take it?

  7. Yes, and I should warn you that there may or may not be a spoiled pig's heart coming your way via Ups. And whatever you do, watch out for falling anvils. I'll fix all this shit for tomorrow.

  8. A spoiled pig's heart?

    you mean the pig had a pony and a sweet sixteen party?

  9. Yep. They were all out of 'neglected and abused' pig hearts. I miss living in the city.

  10. That's why I'd vote McCain, Obama is swineist.

    You heard him say you can't put lipstick on a pig.

    Hog trodding bastard.

  11. There's a place around here that sells masochistic pig hearts. Does wonders for the ego.

  12. Yeah, he's a pigfucker for sure.

    Rass: Between my shoe collection and my animal organ garden, I hardly have any room for any more 'stock items'. I do have a spot saved for a 'one charming motherfucking' pig heart.

  13. Father Gene ... thanks for stars. I have been coming here, lurking in the shadows since I "asked" a couple of months ago. I’ve read all the criticisms and advice given out and as a result, I made a lot of adjustments. I will surely take what I “received” and hopefully become more entertaining. My wife is still scratching her head wondering what “long suffering wife” means. I might have to take cover.

  14. Heads up D-Baggins, because Rickey just submitted his balls out awesome blog for your review. Consider yourself on notice.

  15. We're all long-suffering. Otherwise we've gone through the big D and don't mean Dallas.

    I love my husband, especially braised with a side of baby potatoes.

  16. Heads up, RH, that weak shit is going to get killed with fire. I would suggest a fire extinguisher and some incense to cover the smell of the impending disaster.

  17. Weak shit? Bah, Rickey derides your feeble attempts at mockery. Rickey knows that 300 posts and almost two years of sold blogging speak for themselves. Don't make Rickey come down there and whomp you senseless.

  18. Two years and 300 posts? Rickey should have stuck to stealing bases. Also, let's be honest, Rickey was an asshole. Probably still is. The only more disliked character is Barry Bonds. Ok, Bobby Bonilla was a shit head also, but not on the same scale. This dead athlete blogger thing has been done to...well, death.

  19. Wait, he's not dead yet is he? No matter.


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