Thursday, October 23, 2008

Game of two halves

This could get ugly folks!

Firstly, in truth, should ugliness be purely a measure of aesthetic pleasantness, this blog could not get any uglier at all. I do like the well defined writing space, but the background screams brothel.

It looks dated and cheap.

I must confess, I used to read this blog in the past. I checked it out regularly up until a few months ago, when suddenly the posting stopped.

Back then, it was good, very good. Kat is one very ballsy bird.

She speaks, and you listen, or you back the fuck away.

She has written deeply personal and tough posts that make you really feel just how pissed off she is, make you hiss at the injustices in life, and make you a little warm inside to know she's had a good day.

Honest, and sad.

She can easily observe the simple things, and rasie a smile.

Contrived or not, there's something in her that makes you listen, you want her to win, and you want her to continue to be as good a read as the potential teases you with.

The first few months of the blog are tremendous. Kat had demons to slay, ghosts to lay to rest, and she did it in style. She was the Buffy of the blog world.

Then, she stopped. After the break, it seems the bite is gone, (despite one well timed return to form) and it falls flat.

Filler posts, and a few half hearted attempts, I know you are so much better than that.

Was it good before the break because she wrote effortlessly and now is feeling pressure to write? or is it because she concentrated more on it in the past and now doesn't put in the effort?

I don't know, all I know is something got lost along the way. Or simply, and understandably, maybe she has exorcised all the ghosts she needed to.

I suspect she'll come here and bark at me, I would expect no less from this fiesty pair of balls in heels, but I hope she saves her efforts for getting back on track.

The ghost of this blog deserves a fist full of stars, but past reputation alone isn't enough, I'd really like to see you spark off again, find your mojo, your bollocks, draw on that cigarette and flick the ace of diamonds across the poker table at us all.

For your first dozen or so posts alone, you get these:

In an attempt to jump start you and in the hope you'll burn those brothel curtains you call a background:


  1. She's very honest, and she has a good story to tell...just not my cuppa.

  2. The only thing that got 'really' ugly around here is the fucking comments section on this blog.

  3. Ah, fuck off, Key. If you click on comment, it takes you right to the blogger comment form with pics.

    And, yesterday morning, they weren't working at all.

  4. I thought maybe you guys hired one of those Indian Emo brats to watch over things.

  5. By the way, I actually kind of like this blog. I agree with her on the election.

  6. *crickets*

    Are we turning into those people who follow the rule if you don't have anything nice to say?

  7. I didn't do that, but I think blogger might have. They did something with their code that made comments stop working entirelyl overnight, and damn was I pissed when I woke up on Thursday morning. I fixed the comments at 6 a.m. in the Sacramento area, yah, thanks for asking how my trip went, bitches.

  8. FF: got a mouse in your pocket?
    LB: oh please tell us all about your vacation. Especially if there are pictures and rugmunching involved.

  9. not a mouse, a gerbil, I'm planning an exciting weekend with the hubs.

  10. FF: I think we're more of the, "If you can't say anything nice, come sit over here and sit with us" type.

  11. Well, trim the nails on that thing. I assume you plan on setting it loose in your husbands 'gerbilshoot'. Unless he pissed you off. In which case, don't trim the nails.

  12. LB- well, thank god, because venting here helps me not beat my kids.

  13. It wasn't a vacation, it was work, aside from my interlude with Lori. That wasn't any work, at all.

  14. The flaming finger of doom! I could say "Fuck you, too", but the two and a half stars mitigates the pain. I know that I've slacked off on the posts and their content since I started the blog so I'll just say "I hear you".

    Noted on the template, although it's from one of the template gurus recommended on your blog so she needs a spanking. Mostly I like the red and black effect. And then when I changed to that template I lost everything and had to recreate my blog roll, widgets, etc. so I just stuck with it.

    Thanks for the review, I love reading you all rake people over the coals!

    Loved this line and my husband would agree with you:

    "She speaks, and you listen, or you back the fuck away."

    It captures perfectly the essence of why I named my blog what I did. I know some of the stuff I write about is ugly and probably makes some people turn away. But it's true and it's real, and I know that when I write that way that it's me at my writing best. So thanks for the confirmation and the constructive criticism, it'll help me to stay on track with where I want to go on my blog.

    Even though now I have a flaming "Fuck you!" burned onto my eyeballs.

  15. Jesus, don't go all in depth about it.

  16. I like to post one comment that actually says something. As opposed to continually commenting without saying a damn thing.

  17. I like it when lots of words mean nothing.

  18. I like doing both, actually. Sometimes, I leave substantive comments that mean something. Other times, not so much. I don't mind her template, at all. Her latest post was really good, too, the rape one.

  19. Hee hee hee hee, Kat claws GoK.

    Nice one.

  20. Wait, what happened? Srsly, LB, nothing interesting happened in Sacto?

  21. I'm a lady, GOK. I don't kiss and tell.

  22. Apparently you're also a comedian today, LB.

  23. I'm a comedian every day, GOK. BTW, did you know some bitch-faced regular commenter on here made the claim that I gave you "special treatment" in your review because you and I are friends. She did this not HERE, of course, but elsewhere, on another blog.

    I was so pissed, I wanted to slap her pixelated face off.

  24. Special treatment? Interesting.

  25. Apparently, she thought my review of you was some kind of rimjob, even though I called you a fucking criminal AND a fucking retard.


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