Monday, October 13, 2008

List of Dumpster Diving

Some of these people know us well, and have still asked for a review. Bloodshed to follow:

Keywork's Dirty Brothel has a great deal to recommend it, including "dumpster sex and raccoons." Or, so we hear.

My Problem's Life writes that his blog is "an Inside look at a Detroit Man battling obesity and blogging about his personal & intimate details and everyday life. This is my home. This is me. This is My Problem’s Life." Clearly, one of your problems is the proper use of apostrophes.

The Blackbeard Chronicles says, about his blog: "Ever tried describing a turd? It looks like, well, shit. It stinks. But it retains a certain charm (if you're a dung beetle, at any rate)."

The Pitty Patter of Pink Piddy Paws - " A single gal and her Siamese ferret tackle life and love with laughter and the occasional kitty treat."


  1. And here I thought I'd been forgotten :P

    Oh well. I suppose I ought to stock up on KY

  2. 1. Sex is evil! Now you know.

    2. "You Know How I Know Your Gay!!!" -- poor guy, probably missed too many English classes to eat snacks at home.

    3. Got to give him credit for using the word "fructify." Respect.

    4. Check please.

  3. ooooh, this week is gonna be fun.

  4. I'm excited about Blackbeard Chronicles cause it sounds piratey. But I don't want to check it out for fear that it won't be and then I'll have to kick someone in the nuts.

  5. Oh crap! It's been a boring blogging week for me too. Figures.

    Don't suppose you guys would buy that I washed my hoo-hah with lavender Comet "by accident" a second time, would ya? No? Darn...

    I'm gonna go curl up in the corner now. Let me know when it's over!

  6. Pink, hoo-hah? Be a big girl and call it your 'danger zone' like I do.

  7. DPH -- well, I used to call it "the tarantula" but then I got that shit waxed. ;)

  8. Oh no looks like I'm on the list, here comes all the fat jokes & insults.

    hold please as I get a tissue

  9. Oh, cool, I was afraid my fat jokes would be ill received.

  10. nope no biggie, the only one that can break me is me, I've lost over 140 pounds and still going. If you would have caught me a few years back it would have hurt, but now I looks at the comments when people make fun and it drives me more.

  11. Let me know if you ever need any extra motivation.

  12. Yeah I know being all grown up and not on a playground really sucks.

    The only thing I ask for when people hit below the belt, that they come at me being very creative. Trust me I've been a big guy the majority of my life, I've heard em all. So when I get one or two there that surprise me, I'll give you credit.

    The best medicine that I have ever learned from being big and battling a weight problem is to learn to laugh at myself. I got me here, no one else.

  13. I would have hit below the belt if I could find the belt.

  14. Um, Please follow directions and read my comment above my friend. Nice attempt though.

  15. Obesity: Birth Control you can actually wear.

  16. Well, it was either that or 'I bet you don't get laid much being obese and all, fatty.'

  17. Oh yes, GOK, that's a good one.

  18. Lamest insults, ever. Is this your A-game, people, or are you hungover and slackery as usual?

  19. Slackery, its monday and I haven't fucked anything in two months.

  20. I'm psychic:

    1. Fucking love it
    2. Is that a blog?
    3. I'm not into pirates but I fucking love it.
    4. I lost interest.... maybe a star or two, it's on it's way somewhere...

  21. Love Bites, Go ahead and have at it

    Getting laid has nothing to do with size people. But with attitude.

    I'm looking forwarded to getting married next year.

    Just bought a house

    So I'm not lazy I work and work hard.

    Fiance is going to be having a baby soon, So Yes I do get laid.

    Jessica, I believe it's more of a diary of me to be honest. I don't write for anyone else but me.

    As far as my grammar goes, once again I write for me, with the knowing that other people may read it. That's ok. But at the end of the day, I could care less if one person comments or reads it.

  22. Marriage: the most expensive sex you'll never have.

  23. And that, Problem, is why you submitted your site.

  24. Just to clarify, I didn't submit my site but someone did for me.

    I had already had my site reviewed by this site a while back.

    But I've said go ahead and review it again.

  25. Seriously? Fat jokes? Gah.

    I haven't looked at his blog yet. It might be great. It might suck ass. I don't know.

    But you have to respect someone who lost 140lbs. That can't have been easy.

  26. Thank you very much I appreciate that

  27. Hey, he invited it. No, really, he did. Read all the comments.

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. sorry -- brain fart for a moment --

    Jessica: I can't be too bad. If you Google Dead Crack Whore I'm the #1 return. That has to count for something right? ha..ha..

  30. DPH: Actually. It's not really about pirates, just named it like that on a whim. It's about as much a pirate blog as yours is ;P

    Fatboy: 140 lbs!!!! Jesus wept. Tell me about your diet plan, mate. I may not need to lose 140 lbs, but I could sure lose them love handles!

  31. Mrs. Crowley: A diet plan

    Well first and this may sound like every other person or diet. You gotta scratch the word diet right out of your vocabulary. Diets don't work. that's why there are so many of them. It's all in you man. It took me almost 30 years to figure that out. I wanted instant results. It was never going to happen that way. As for what I eat. I eat about 5 times a day. Mostly small meals and mostly no food at all. all shakes. HMR product line google them.

    so I do about 4 shakes a day and then 1 meal a day. I usually pick dinner why not get to come home and eat with my fiance. Nice home cooked meal, I look forward to it.

    And to all of the people who stereotype us fatty's as being lazy, it just not true.

    In order for all this to work you gotta exercise. I walk about 30 minutes a day. I don't tell myself I have to walk a mile or walk 2 miles etc. But I set my goal for a 1/2 hour bring the ipod and off I go.

    This may not work for everyone but it has worked for me.

    If you need food check out the HMR product line they also have food too. And unlike nutrisystem it less expensive.

    Hope that helped

  32. Problem Life: Hey, thanks for the advice. To be honest, I was just kidding about the diet plan. I could do with losing a few pounds, but it's ok. Skinny lawyers are generally looked upon with doubt in India ;) And as for the love handles, well, they run in the family. Hereditary. So just gotta live with it.

    But cheers on the effort you've put in to shed the flab, man.


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