Tuesday, October 21, 2008

List of FOAD

Bah, it's Tuesday, and this week is already kicking my ass. I spent yesterday traveling to get to Sacramento (and it took WAY too long). I was up at 4:30 this morning, and have already put in 6 hours of work (and I have two hours of training to give later today). The good news is: I get to meet Lori Hahn. Hell, yeah, THE LORI HAHN, coolest lesbian on earth. Tonight. For dinner. Fuck yeah, I know you bitches wish you were me, even though I'm in Sacramento.

Without further ado, or adieu, here is the list of doom:

Do I Hear Happiness
This Could Get Uglier (like soon, when you're reviewed, I suspect)
Note to Self

Scroll down for two new reviews....


  1. Oh great, you go on and trot off and have your lesbian training or whatever and leave us with this steaming manure.

  2. What does lesbian training entail, and do you think my boyfriend will like it?

  3. It was suggested by Uncle Doreen that I suggest you volunteer to be my co-reviewer for some fabulous lesbian sex toys I promised to review - I'm on a deadline.

    Headed your way soon.


  4. Dare I say that Lori and I might have an orgasmic time? ;)

  5. Love Bites, you now know what lesbian training entails, right?

  6. AAAH!

    *frantically edits blog*

  7. Definitely, I do.

    *licking lips, seductively*


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