Sunday, February 08, 2009

That's what she said...

It's a sad day indeed when assholes can't be distinguished. - Betsey Booms

Indeed, it is. I weep for undistinguishable assholes. - Gwen

Soecific sounds like the devil's language. Like maybe there's a record playing backwards and it's all "fuck your mother burn your tits off anus licker smegma face."

Wait, what? - CalamityCal

"I think you mean, "fuvk ypur mothet byrn ypur titd off amus lickwr smegma face."

(I just couldn't change "smegma face," because I'm going to start calling people that.

If I ever sign up for a review (which will never happen because I'm too self centered to handle a positive and too neurotic to handle constructive-and both of those together might kill me) but if I do, if that moment happens and I reply with anything other than "Hey, thanks"

just shoot me in the head. - Gap

Joe just hates white folk since they kicked his and Tonto's arse at the battle of Woeful Shite. - Father Gene

Rassles, your personal stationery should be your name at the top of crisp white heavy linen paper with deep red Chianti splatter all over it. - Miss Missives

For me, at least, this week was a high point for general hilarity in the comments.

Your favorites? Please share.


  1. So if I comment about the comments, isn't that meta-commenting?

    And of course if someone comments about my comment, then we've got meta-meta-commenting.

    If this keeps up, I anticipate the annihilation of all avaible server memory on the planet within 2-3 weeks.

  2. I vote for Calamity's quote. I laughed and laughed at "fuck your mother burn your tits off anus licker smegma face." "What, what?"

    I also found Rassles comment about soecific possibly meaning biggest fan of Teen Wolf ever. (Teen Wolf was on last night by the way. My husband was like, "Why do you want me to stop on Teen Wolf?" He doesn't get it. But I'm starting to, I'm really starting to.)

  3. What is NOT to get about Teen Wolf?

    The comments were definitely the highlight of my week!

    Wow, just realized how sad my existence is.

  4. Tits: indeed.
    I'm voting for gap's comment. Also, I remember watching Teen Wolf when I was little and seeing my first pair of bare breasts. On a female. Thank you, Teen Wolf.

  5. If you can find any way to work Teen Wolf into anything, you have to do it. The signs Order point towards Teen Wolf. Chaos point to Teen Wolf.

    You have no idea what kind of powers we're messing with, here.

    But despite discussions about men with beards all over their bodies and fingernails like real sharp french fries, I think that Gap's quote is fantastic, but Calamity said smegma. So she wins.

  6. Calamity had me laughing out loud, so she gets my vote. I'm with Rassles about starting to call people 'smegma face.'

    (And since I don't much yell, that would be said in my warm-honey, girlie voice that people always get so excited about. You know, kinda like, "Hey, smegma face. Fuck your mother.")

  7. I change my vote. From now on I'm only voting for quotes that mention me. Sorry Cal. Miss Missives, holla.

  8. Why, you self-serving little so-and-so!


Grow a pair.