Friday, February 13, 2009

That's what she said...

Favorite Quotes of the Week:
If you met me you would never guess I'm the fairy-believing kind. -Franco

Do you remember the Indian blogger who talked about killing his roommate, and we encouraged him to do so, in hopes that it might spice up his blog? -Love Bites

I've never seen biscotti used sarcastically, before. But here we are.-Prayingtodarwin

Biscotti are bitter and taste of my seemingly impossible doomed to failure quixotic quest to please other people. -Love Bites

I'm not trying to be a dick, but when, exactly, did Vince Neil found Depeche Mode? -Ghost of Keywork

I'm down for some porn. Who has a stuffed buffalo? -Dirty Pirate

I hate domestic violence, but her blog made me want to punch her too. - Betsey Booms

If I were her, this would have totally ruined my weekend. I would burn you all (well, including me) in effigy and sworn mighty (futile) vengeance with shaking fist and righteous fury. And then I would cry. With snot bubbles. -Calamity

And my personal favorite:
This post has been removed by the author. -Twisted Lisa


  1. I'm so voting for the battered woman. Her comment came back from the dead. That is impressive. Nobody liked 'I'd hit it'?

  2. I made it?
    i like the last one the best.

  3. correction:
    I like the last one the MOST

  4. I gotta go with the Hooker for the win.

  5. Yesterday really was a good day for comments.

  6. Did everyone see this? We're up for Most Obnoxious Blogger. Sweet.

  7. Wow. So, if you win, does the award end up on the blog?

  8. For most obnoxious blogger? HELL TO THE YES.

  9. Here's a vote for Betsey. I wanted to hit her too.

  10. Sweet baby Jesus, I'm voting for myself. I can do that, right?

    Good job on the most obnoxious nom.

  11. I think that reading Lisa's blog helped me to understand domestic violence better, from the perspective of a perpetrator.

  12. Oh now see, I was hoping to vote for Gok's "The 'love' is in the biscotti. And by 'love' I mean 'semen'."

    Barring that, I suppose I've got to give it up for DPH.

  13. Thanks, Girl, I was really proud of that one.

  14. The zombie'd comment was great. Especially because she's all "I'm takign my toys and going home!" and you guys are all like, "that doesn't mean we're going to stop playing with you."

  15. I think Gok should get honorable mention for the sheer number of times he used 'biscotti'.

  16. Thank you, MM, I'm a 'shock and awe' commenter. And I bet one of you bitches had a biscotti this week.

  17. Ghost, I'm shoving a biscotti up your ass the next time I see you. I am so goddamn sick of that word, lol

  18. He could always move on to scones.

  19. Pictures, DPH. Pictures. For some reason, I need to see the logical end of what will go down in history as "Biscotti Week '09".

  20. Funniest thing I´ve read all week from LB:

    "I think that reading Lisa's blog helped me to understand domestic violence better, from the perspective of a perpetrator."

    I know it wasn´t one of the ones to vote for, but jesus is that ever funny.

    I really vote for Calamity though. You do have a way with words, Cal.

  21. Why, thank you. Thank you verra much.

    I can't believe that the Divine Miss M missed this one:

    The Boobsta:

    "Sometimes I channel Goodfellas.

    Then I beat a bitch down with a phone."

    I spewed on that one.


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