Friday, May 22, 2009

The Motrin Mommy Attacks

So. Fucking. Predictable. Have added an introduction to the review (sorry, Pos). Hopefully, they will organize a boycott and we'll get thousands of hits and lots of free stuff.

/blog whore mode.


  1. Oh no that bitch DI'INT call out my sweet Betsey Booms on her blog! Poor miss Booms can't even retaliate because she's stuck in a car with her hobo father in law listening to him repeat stories over and over.

    Also, I'm so glad to see mommy and daddy made up. I know LB, I know. GoK is not daddy...but he's mine.

  2. Also, what a dumb bitch she is to think those are your real legs, LB. Duh!?!?

  3. FYI - if those are your real legs? They're damn fine and I wanna lick 'em. Just sayin'

  4. I can live with being the 'dirty uncle obsessed with double penetration' around here.

  5. Bitch, THOSE ARE MY REAL LEGS. And no you can't lick them, not after doubting me like that.

    Who isn't obsessed with dual penetration, frankly? Just sayin.

    Well, at least some good did come of this. Jessica brought us all back together like the happy fucked up hobo family we always were.

  6. Look bitch, take it as a compliment. Your legs are so nice, I thought they were fake...or not yours. Or something. Fuck.

  7. You should see her boobs.

  8. Well, I'd like to Cal, but my request are unanswered :(

  9. Gok is like stepdaddy. NJ is absentee.

    I'm not obsessed with double penetration. I'm too delicate for that shit.

  10. I feel as if I should say something given all the musk and innuendo in the air.

    TY ladies, I love you all for the spank bank refill.

  11. Oh ugh! Why the fuck submit here, and then go all three year old, and pitch a fit when you get the review you've asked for?

    Yay for Ghost being back....even if he is the "Dirty Uncle".

    Ps...your legs are smokin. Seriously, I'm pretty jealous.

  12. LB -- no worries on the intro. Your site. Your rules. Your disclaimers.

    Given the comments that are being posted from there, it doesn't seem like we're getting traffic from anyone itching for a scrap. Nothing like the silverfox escapade at the beginning of the month. I'm not sure if I'm pleased or disappointed about that.

    At least she didn't attack the review so much. Just the comment stream dangling out its ass.

  13. Oh, and yeah. Your legs are hotter than mine.

  14. And welcome back GoK. It was ... weird ... without you around.

  15. So, I'm seriously lazy about blogging (writing, reading, comments, forgetting I have a blog from time to time, etc...). We all understand this, correct?
    12 things:
    1) Just yesterday I realized GoK had not been commenting here so much. I wondered about it in a distant sort of 'do I have a blog' kind of way
    2) Then I had to go to Jessica's blog to figure the entire thing out
    3) By the time I got back over here? He's commenting again
    4) But I was on my BlackBerry and too fuckin' lazy to comment last night
    5) Even though being able to comment from my BlackBerry (thanks to DPH) is something I've called 'the greatest thing ever' or something like that
    6) I also had to come back over here to figure out she was being mean to Betsey. Is that true? Seriously? Really? It's probably going to take me two days, but I'll figure something out on that one. Betsey is like, Marilyn Monroe, she is a Missouri girl, she is wonderful. Being mean to Betsey is like, like...I don't know what it's like, but it just makes me feel all itchy for my crow bar
    7) I commented at Jessica's blog. I was about 3/4 way through my comment and felt so completely uninspired by the whole thing that I just ended up suggesting she go to my blog and borrow my pumpkin muffin recipe. I mean, that's something, right?

    Yeah, that's 7 and I said 12. Whatever. I'm just glad to have being over here at Ask one of the first things I've done this morning.
    Happy traiiiiiils to you, until we meeeeet again... Off to a horse show people! Wish us luck!

  16. Heh. Given your backgrounds, LB and GoK, you guys are such drama queens.

  17. Apparently the pumpkin muffin recipe was too much, as my comment over there was either not allowed or simply removed.
    Probably a better thing for everyone involved. I mean, some people just can't handle the nekkid pumpkin muffin slathering thing properly anyway.

  18. I'll be honest, I had a moment of panic on Friday. While I'm semi-hidden, I'm not that hard to find, and I don't savor a boycott by the mommy brigade infringing on my personal life.

  19. I watched the whole Motrin thing swell, burst, then implode from a vantage point well within its walls (as in, a fair number of my regular reads were on the bandwagon).

    I knew better than to comment on that review. I mean, who knew whacking at a hornet's nest with a fiery club was going to end this badly?

  20. The Motrin ad was offensive, an outrageously stupid move on their part. Really, what were they fucking thinking?

    Now, here's the outraged mothers giving them more publicity by tagging twitter updates with Motrinmom (or whatever; I couldn't be bothered, and wasn't inspired to enough to recall, what they called themselves.)

    If something outraged me to the point of boiling over...the very last thing I'd do is give away free publicity.

    The message would have been powerful if they had made their point by calling themselves something like Ibpromoms, and then just. shut. up.

    Seems to be a lot of disingenuously motivated blogmommys making points online (not directed to anyone in particular), not because they're sincerely concerned with any particular cause- but because without these 'causes' they might otherwise feel irrelevant, and god forbid, get back to their most important cause: raising children.

  21. LB- Something along those lines would send me into a panic as well. I'm glad it didn't go down like that.
    Gap- See, exactly! You and I disagree completely about the motrin add, but do agree that their handling of the outrage is bizarre.

  22. My own personal problem with this ad is that ad itself was just lame, a bad call-on every level. What makes this ad so deeply offensive isn't neccesarily that it took a swing at new mothers. It took a swing without making a point. The ad wasn't intelligent, or witty, or clever. It was in your face bleeding stupidity done up in a cutesy, expected format.

    Motrin might as well have just written the disclaimer: we think you're an asshole as it is, dumb baby slingers, but we think you're an even bigger asshole for liking our ad and buying our pills.

  23. The thing is, those slings really DO hurt your backs.

  24. I'm happy to see Key back. He keeps things at the right level of perverted.

    By the way, I don't get it. Where can I see LB's legs?

  25. Blue, LB's legs can be seen on Twitter. I know, you refuse to do Twitter. But see what your missing?!

  26. Oh man, am I tired. I spent all weekend working on being really hip, cool and bleaching my hair.

    I haven't gotten to the inside of me yet. But I'll tell you all this:

    Friday was my son's second birthday. And watching tht litle smiling guy turn two was hands down the most fantastic thing in th whole world. The only thing missing would be to have his 4 year old brother still with us and hugging his little bro.

    Now, if my insides are an ugly place, I probably have reason for them to be. However? I just don't think they are though.

    I am, however, really fucking cool and a tragic hipster. I work hard it. Really fucking hard. (Sarcasm, for those who don't know me.)

    And thank you to those of you who took up for me. You all are reserved a special place in my dark little heart.

  27. BB, Honey Bunny, I have it on good authority that bleaching your insides will give you the ability to glow in the dark.

    Stealth is out forever after that.

    I miss having a two-year-old. I want to be you.

  28. Well said Gap. Yes, the slings, well, in fact the whole of motherhood can give you achy this and sore that but they could have just stuck with the whole we're motrin and we know being a mom is hard, not awww your back hurts because you want to be fashionable and the questioning tone of it was certainly condescending but again


    It's not like it's legislation. I am so for the moms of this world tackling issues because BB, LB, DPH, all of you moms, you know how much shit we get done, but there are so many more worthwhile fights. If you don't want to go down the homeless, gang, soupkitchen path, jeez how about equal education rights or the sexualization of young girls or maternity/paternity leave or workforce practices that match up better with the demands of motherhood. There are so many causes where it makes sense for moms to spearhead.

    And Betsey, for the record, you are one of the smartest and wittiest people I've run across online. Just cause your boobs are rockin awesome and your hair is pretty doesn't mean you're blackety-black inside.

  29. That was one hell of a compliment. And coming from you, FF, it's the most awesomely rad compliment EVER!

  30. Can it beat this compliment I once gave a girl?

    "You are so cool that after we do it I still wanna hang out with you"

    Yes ladies, I am still single.


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