Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lord, I Was Born a Ramblin' Woman

I'm new here, so I don't really have the right to complain about having to read yet another boring, Indian blog. But I'm going to gripe about it anyway. I wanted to like it, I really did. But Lost on the Street is gobsmackingly tedious. I guess the point of the blog is to entice her readers to visit the numerous beautiful locales of India. I wish she would just quit with the writing and take up photography because I think her photos are fabulous. Those pictures are what made me want to get off my ass and visit those places. But her words made me want to curl up on the couch for a nap.
She does take the time to write about non-travel related topics and upon reading some of those posts my ennui turned to anger. She actually contends in this one that housewives are using feminism as an excuse to be lazy. What a loathsome thing to contend. Her opinion that housewives, specificially educated housewives, have no right to claim to be feminists is downright disgusting. If she's going to make offensive statements on her blog she should at least back it up with a good argument. Another post that pissed me off is this one about tipping. What is the big fucking deal about leaving a 20% tip? She mentions in another one of her blogs that she has a maid. If she can afford to pay a maid she can afford a god damn tip.

Still, I'm not entirely unsympathetic to this blogger. She has a bitterness about her that I can relate to. And I can certainly identify with her complacency. She can form a coherent sentence and at least attempts to be grammatically correct. I'm assuming (perhaps wrongly) that English is a second language for her. If I'm right, then that's pretty impressive. I know a few native speakers of this fine language that can't do that. But being a good blogger entails a lot more than good grammar and sentence structure.

I suggest that she hone her story telling skills. As Love Bites recently told another reviewee, the topic of the story isn't as important as how you tell it. Lost desperately needs to edit. She seems to think that every last detail and thought is worth including each post. And the rambling has reached a critical level. She has trouble focusing and subsequently veers off in some confusing directions. What's annoying is that I'm not telling her something that she doesn't already know. It's apparent that she recognizes it as a problem because she mentions it in her posts. She wrote at the end of one post:

And thus ends one more pointless post. Promise this will be the last..pointless post that is.
But she broke that promise, over and over again.

Her template is dull but I don't really mind that. I'd much rather a dull template than a hideous one. She has tabs on the top but she doesn't really utilize them well. Lower down on the page is where all the trouble starts. In addition to her archives, she has way too much shit going on - tags, categories, favorites, just written, recent comments, and one of those creepy and annoying "Live Traffic Feeds". My suggestion is to eliminate all that crap and just use the tabs.

I do have one good thing to say about this blogger and her blog - Her niece is precious and those pictures of her pierced through the hardened layers of my bitter heart. That's not easy to do. Usually the only kids I find adorable are the ones I made myself.

In any case, this blogger gets a

She has potentional if she can learn to put a filter between her mind and the keyboard.


  1. I fucking hate her based solely on that tip thing.

    It differs everywhere, but in the US servers wages are based on the assumption they will receive tips. Is it backwards and illogical that servers make $3 an hour because employers assume they will get tips? Yes. The point is to bring down the cost of wages and hence, the menu. Does that always happen? No.

    Do not punish the servers for an imperfect system.

    Oh, that gets my goat.

  2. I think it's strange that in her, feminists-who-stay-home-post, she does not mention Stay-at-home mom's..only "house wives". She wrote about grocery shopping and cleaning, but not about child rearing. Which, at least around here, is the main reason women stay home.
    She kinda bugged me, hate is too strong a word.
    I agree, Meh.

  3. You gotta admit she has guts posting stuff like that, though.

  4. It does take guts to post that shit, I agree. I usually like people who are outspoken and don't care what people think. But I was just so infuriated by those two posts that everything else I read after that annoyed me.

  5. Amen, Rassles. That bitch's probably never worked in customer service her entire life.

    Not that I should get up on my high horse about it. My state forces restaurants to pay their servers minimum wage ($8.40/hr).

    Which of course just makes serving jobs here at trap, since you can make a shit ton of money. That is, unless asshats are leaving 3% tips.

  6. My State has the minimum wage law, too. I used to be a server before I got my Bachelors Degree. I actually made more as a server than I do as a Nurse. Kinda sad.

  7. I'm allowed to hate.

    But more importantly: YOU GUYS MADE MINIMUM WAGE? ASSHOLES. In IL servers make half the minimum wage - so I was making $3.29 an hour when minimum wage was $6.50.

    She's entitled to her opinion, and I'm entitled to hate her for it. I don't think she's wrong. It's just really easy to bitch about servers and tipping when you're sitting at your desk.

    Sorry. I know I'm being obnoxious about this. It's like those people who say teachers are overpaid. I understand there are exceptions to every rule, but FUCK. The entitlement of some people really makes me want to use their blogs as a punching bag.

  8. I know exactly what you're feeling right now, Rassles. I feel the same way.

  9. Also, servers DO do shit besides bring your food to your table. In fact, they do a whole lot of shit. Sometimes it's job description things like pacing and running around and yelling at busboys and all that restauranty stuff. But they also have to BE somebody for each customer. They have to be cheery. People go to restaurants and PAY at restaurants not just for the food and convenience but because they like to be waited on, they like to be served. And the server has to change his or her demeanor and get a whole lot of in-your-face human experience to be a satisfactory server.
    Frankly, if you you are just paying to have food brought to you, then you should be sitting at home making your spouse do it. Alternately, you can stand by the dumpster and wait for that days trash to be brought out because. It won't be speedy or nice looking or fun or relaxing, but isn't that what SERVERS are for?

    p.s. extra-credit reading: The True Confessions of a Waitress - silly a poignant and rather expository memoirs of a waitress from Portland.

  10. Ok, I could never do what you guys do because I read approximately 2/3 of a paragraph from the blog, then read the comments on this post. Honestly, how DO you do it? Who gives a flying fuck about tips, servers and such. Choose your occupation and either bring it/like it/dance with it or go home and find something else to do.

  11. But most importantly, don't blog about it.

  12. It's telling that the first post I read included the phrase "blessed by a wooden phallus" and I STILL couldn't get through the whole thing.

    It's not hate-worthy, I just can't be bothered with it.

  13. I can see all the hate here about the tipping business - and I'm going to support this woman who speaks her mind.

    I never tip either. I don't give a shit if the waiter gets minimum wage - not my problem. It's disgusting to assume that I must pay a waiter just because their employer doesn't.

    You think waiters have a tough job? Yeah right, because the rest of us have it so easy! In fact, here's another anti tipping post for you guys to bitch on!

    Also, you're assumption that Indian bloggers can't write proper English is rather quaint. So here's from another Indian Blogger - English is my first language, and most Americans I've come across in the US don't speak it half as well as they should.

  14. What gets to me is how a tip is no longer a generosity on the part of the customer. It is DEMANDED. It is EXPECTED.

    It is not left to the discretion of the person receiving the service.

    The whole idea of a tip is defeated. Its like an implicit threat now!

    If it is so much a part of the system, why not just add it to the price of the food? I am paying a premium for the ambiance of the restaurant anyway.

    Why make a show of making the tip seem like an option at all??

  15. Sir, I understand it's a practice you disagree with, but honestly? If you're an experienced traveler, which your post insinuates, then you're familiar with how obnoxious it is when tourists shit all over the way things are done without a trace of remorse.

    If you disagree with the custom, do not partake in the activities. It's as simple as that. You don't want to pay for your service? Then don't eat at a restaurant.

    By doing things your way, servers get no tip, and chances are they will spend the next two hours wondering what drastic mistake they made to receive such disrespect from their customers. You might as well spit on them.

    You don't mean to show disrespect, I understand that - but the person who served you does not understand. They don't read your blog. They take it personally. And don’t pull the whole “that’s their problem” bullshit. You are the offender. It’s your problem.

  16. I don't like the pressure of being expected to tip. In fact I hate it. I resent it. Sometimes I feel so guilty about hating to tip that I just tip anyway because I don't want to be seen as a jerk...but then in the aftermath of emotion the always follows my stomach burns and I start fuming; then come the mood swings.

    On the other hand, people need to earn a living and servers need money too. So here's the fucking deal. Don't go out to eat in America if you don't tip. Fuckin' simple solution! This is America and we have a culture. If you don't like it, LEAVE.

    Me? I've found my perfect solution to this issue. WHOLE FOODS. I end up paying so much money that I feel as if I've just tipped, pressure, no mood swings.

    There is a catch to this of course. Those jerks sitting outside WHOLE FOODS asking for money.

  17. If you don't want to tip, then don't go to a restaurant. It's that simple. A server depends on tips for their livelihood. Sometimes a waitress has a bad day. Does that mean I shouldn't tip her? I get paid at my job whether I'm in a good mood or not. I just feel bad for people who depend on tips and then don't get them because of some cheap ass customer. It's a pet peeve of mine.

    As for this: " you're assumption that Indian bloggers can't write proper English is rather quaint. So here's from another Indian Blogger - English is my first language, and most Americans I've come across in the US don't speak it half as well as they should."

    Ummm,did you actually read what I wrote? Because I stated that I thought she wrote well as far as grammar and sentence structure were concerned. I also stated that I know native speakers of English that don't write as well in this regard as the blogger being reviewed. So what the fuck is your issue with what I said?

  18. I HATE with a passion people who don't tip. I think it is cheap and wrong and I would never read this blog or the other creepy Indians blog for that reason alone.

  19. Wow. People really feel strongly about tipping.

    I used to wait tables. In the USA where I was paid $2/hour because I was expected to make it up in tips. Yes, it's annoying not to get decent tips. But, yes, sometimes my service sucked and I didn't deserve more than 10%.

    I've also waited tables in the UK where I have gotten paid what any non-tipped service employee would earn. So, tips were a nice cream on top that my colleagues at The Gap didn't get.

    I suppose my point is that whether to tip or not is relative. In the USA, it used to be 15% now it's expected to be 20% ... why? what's changed? That annoys me.

    We'll all fall on one side of the argument or another; but getting rabid over the topic seems to be an overreaction. I can't imagine hating anyone just because of their tipping custom. There are so many other (better) reasons to hate.

    I am generally a coward. As such, I avoid controversy. Putting myself in the fray as I'm about to makes me nervous, but I feel I must.

    I love this fucking site. It cracks me up. And, generally, I think the reviews are right on. I am, however, slightly uncomfortable by the generalisations about Indian bloggers. It smacks of something meant to be funny, but at the expense of a group of people.

    So I think about it:

    There are a lot of crappy blogs out there. There are a lot of Indians out there. Logically there will be a lot of crappy Indian blogs based on population alone. There are also some phenomenal Indian blogs that make me jealous. If only I were that talented.

    I love this site because it fucking rips on bad writing; because it discriminates (in the good sense of the word) between quality and non-quality blogging.

    The pervasive attitude about Indian bloggers makes me uncomfortable because it hints at (I'm not saying it is) the wrong kind of discrimination.

  20. There is a service tax(introduced five years ago) that an Indian pays in every restaurant for the services they receive and its quite a common practice to avoid tipping in places where this tax is already paid. Hence, I as an Indian do not understand your'pian' on non-tipping. I have worked in other countries,and saw people from other cultures,especially brits being unapologetic for not tipping.

    So, does that entitle me to call you a bitch for having a different opinion? Of course not. I did not feel like reading your critique 'coz of the langauage.I found it offensive. but I am sure you just wanted it to be objective.It may be a cultural difference.

    Kongki is a respected blogger in India and the biggest reason for that is her honesty and forthrightedness, qualities very difficult to find as Indians try to confirm to everything.Her blog on so-called feminism is respected not 'coz because it is the predominant opinion,but 'coz she expressed it

    I suggest you guys do not take up non-american blogs to comment upon as you will fail to understand the sensibilities. Please respect the differences.

    BTW, you should visit India, as most of Indian sites do not need a good photographer to look beautiful.

  21. Non-tippers are douchebags, plain and simple. Not because of the pittance wage your server gets, but because someone has just gone through the trouble of making your dining experience pleasurable. If you want surly service with no tip expected, go eat at Subway. Otherwise your excuses are just that, excuses for petty behavior. Seriously, if you've already shelled out $30 for a meal out, a few extra dollars isn't going to break you financially, and if it does, maybe you shouldn't be eating out.

    Oh, and Neha? People take it upon themselves to submit their blogs for review. And as for swearing, what is it with the moralizers on cussing? Christ, what did you expect from a blog with "fuck" in it's title.

  22. Sylvia Wrath11/22/2009 7:07 PM

    Ellie - I do see your point regarding the Indian blog reputation around here. I'm sure there are tons of talented Indian bloggers. It just seems that the ones who submit here are just not so great. I wouldn't base my opinion of a blog on whether the author of it was Indian. I want every blog I read to be good. I've gotten two Indian blogs since I started reviewing here and I've been underwhelmed by both.

    As for the tipping, it's the custom to tip 15% - 20% in this country. There are some of us who feel passionately about tipping because we realize that people depend on those tips to pay their bills, buy food, etc. That's a pretty big deal. We all have bad days from time to time, but most of us aren't penalized because of that with lost wages. Lord knows if I got paid based on my attitude at work, I would living in poverty about now.

  23. Sylvia Wrath11/22/2009 7:15 PM

    Neha - like Aliecat said, people submit their blogs for review here. So we "take up" blogs for review because we are asked for by the bloggers themselves.

    I found this particular blog tedious. I doubt that is a cultural issue. I disagreed wholeheartedly with her opinion on the feminism blog, but I also think it was poorly written.

    I don't give a shit if you're offended by my language.

  24. Enough has been said back and forth about the concept of tipping. And so, tempted as I am, I wont add to my previous points. But I have to point out that criticism is one thing and being offensive is just something else -

    "I'm assuming (perhaps wrongly) that English is a second language for her. If I'm right, then that's pretty impressive."

    It is condescending. To assume that it is "impressive" that an Indian can manage good English is just shallow, and ignorant. And offensive.

    Judging a person's writing skills is not a crime. Especially on a review. But relating it to the person's country is not called for. Especially if your knowledge of the country is limited.

  25. May I ask if English is the first language in India? If not then what the reviewer wrote not only makes sense but was a complement.

  26. Ally, I guess I just find it faintly amusing that an American feels that she has the authority to "compliment" an Indian on her English skills.

    To answer your question, India is not a homogeneous country like the US. Indians speak a wide range of languages, English being one among them. Which is why I have a problem with the whole "an Indian speaking English well is impressive" concept.

    An Indian speaking English is not the same as say, an American speaking Hindi. English is so commonly used in India that there is nothing "impressive" about using it well. And so, the reviewer's view seems rather ignorant to me.

  27. Ooh the natives they be writing in English! - seems to be of much amusement to this condescending writer( the critic, not the blogger)

    Also hello! different countries different rules. The blogger didnt say that she wouldnt leave a tip when in America. the in Rome do as Romans do rule does not apply here.Where I live, Denmark, we dont tip. Waiters get full wages.I have lived in India and tipping there is a choice, an option not an underlined must do. A tip is an award, a priviledge if you must for the quality of your service.

    It is silly that what was born out of appreciation is now almost demanded with an air of self entitlement.

  28. Sylvia Wrath11/23/2009 1:23 PM

    Anyone who can master a second language is impressive to me, regardless of his or her country of origin or native language. What I said was meant as a compliment. I acknowledged that perhaps English was NOT a second language for her. I don't know. What I do know is that learning and mastering a second language is not easy for anyone.

  29. Perhaps we should simply stop reviewing Indian blogs. That's my inclination at this point in time. You've submitted your blog to an American review site. Let me suggest that you adopt an American philosophy: "You take what you get, and you don't throw a fit."

    Don't want to be reviewed by Americans? don't fucking submit. Dumbasses.

  30. Sylvia Wrath11/23/2009 3:03 PM

    Well said, LB. If the blogger doesn't want an American opinion, then why submit your blog to be reviewed by an American? I wasn't being condescending towards Indians by complimenting her English. I was doing my job as a reviewer. If somebody complimented my English I would be happy about it, not finding some lame reason to take offense.

  31. As someone who did my time as a server, people who don't tip deserve to have their genitalia chopped off and served to the next non-tipper that comes in, especially after I waited on them (I was fucking quick like lightening. Side of ranch? no problemo).

    When I travel I try to do as is the custom of the country I'm travelling in. It's called being humble while outside of your home country and not being an assfuck.

    As to the possible discrimination of Indian bloggers, I aspire to approach all of my reviewees with the same expectation of suckedness, until they prove otherwise.

  32. Let me clarify this further. You don't suck because you're Indian, you suck because you suck.

  33. Punjabi Bobby11/24/2009 8:07 AM

    The reviewers here are self righteous, ignorant and hypocritical assholes. They are racist as well.

    But they do one thing and one thing only right - only review blogs submitted to them.

    If your blog is too good to submit it to these jackass's, then don't. Or you could just submit, sit back, and watch them make a fool of themselves.

    Either way, it's entertaining.

  34. The blog that was submitted is boring. Period. End of story.

    I don't care if she's respected in India or any other country. And I don't care how many languages she speaks. This blog sucks. It fails to suck me in or make me care. It doesn't demand my attention. It's dull, I don't like, and it appears I'm not alone.

    Stop trying to turn this into a racial issue when clearly that's not the case.

  35. Sylvia, Rassles, LB etc etc all you american racist bitches, get a better paying job and stop relying on tips for your livelihood..if nothing, attend english classes to correct your grammar.

  36. For those who can't fathom why some people don't tip here are 5 good reasons.

    Hope that answers some of the questions that may have arisen in the minds of those who advocate tipping.

  37. Wow, anonymous. I fucking dare you to go find a comment I left on this site that is racist.

  38. I was going to try to drop this, but I'm just so annoyed. I AM TAKING THE BAIT.

    When you immerse yourself in a different culture, it's respectful to abide by their customs. You, Bhagwad, are entering an egalitarian culture from the perspective of a culture that is somewhat defined by social hierarchy (I'm aware that there are exceptions to both claims I just made, but aren't there always exceptions?). I understand your reasoning for not wanting to tip, and you have yet to introduce an argument I haven't heard.

    I'm not going to try to convince you tipping is correct, that it's the right way to do things. Whether you agree with the concept is irrelevant.

    It's a custom. Respect that. You might argue that it's not a custom where you are from - and that's fine. If I go there, I will abide by your customs. I'm not suggesting that you should run your life according to the American Way all the time, but I don't see the point of intentionally shitting people's livelihood out of sheer spite, when that livelihood is not hurtful or offensive to anyone.

    And THAT is why I reserve the right to hate non-tippers.

  39. Rassles,

    I will willingly follow any culture of a country. Trust me.

    But I draw the line when a custom costs me money. I'll bow in any way you like, hold a spoon in any manner, wear the clothes of the land etc, but shell out money? For a custom?

    No thank you. Not when it costs me. I'll be willing to leave a thank you note to show my appreciation to "fit" into the culture since if that's ok. But I don't think it is.

  40. Sylvia Wrath11/24/2009 5:40 PM

    I fail to see how anything I've written on here has been racist. I didn't like this blog, not because it is an Indian blog but because it bored me to bloody tears. I commented on the fact that it was written by an Indian blogger because it is. And just because I don't know the cultures or mores or native languages of India doesn't make me a racist. Now if someone would have commented and merely informed me that sometimes English is a first and not a second language in India, I would have said thanks for the heads up. But I don't appreciate being called a racist because I didn't know that information. I complimented her grammar. Gasp! The horror! I should be ashamed of myself for daring to find something positive to say about this blogger. Jesus Christ.

    Bhagwad - You can choose not to follow a custom when it involves parting with a few dollars just like I can choose to find that behavior repugnant.

  41. I didn't bother to read the blog much. Not that it wasn't well written or worthy or anything -- it's just that there are precious few blogs that have subject matter I give a shit about.

    But I do want to comment on Tipping and Bhagwad Jal Park's comments.

    Bhagwad -- isn't it wonderful that you have the opportunity to be a total dickhead? Your reasons for not tipping are petty and stupid. They are tanatmount to whining about things over which you have precious little control.

    You remind me of a woman I spoke to a few years ago who described her trip to England. "Can you believe that none of the bars over there were willing to put on the Final Four basketball game?" she said. "I hated it there. The whole city smelled like curry, and I hate curry."

    To which I internally reply, "Well why the hell did you GO there? London's preponderance of curry is no secret, and it should come as NO surporise that Londoners would not be interested in a basketball game taking place thousands of miles away involving no one you know..."

    If you want to try to change the whole tipping system, Bhagwad, I say go for it. But maybe YOU should go after the emploers rather than the servers themselves.

  42. I think it's kind of funny that we're being called racists. In actuality, I have a far kinder impression of the average Indian than I do of the Indian dickheads who've commented this post.

    It's really unfair of you to taint your countrymen the way you do.

  43. I'm going to start giving myself a little leeway around here, on Tuesdays in particular. I have a major writing deadline fast approaching and I'm realizing (gulp) that I am running out of that little time-padding I have been relying on for so long.

  44. Hi force factor

    My comment to you is really curiousity more than anything ...

    You've anchored your keyword force factor to, rank for the same term to, an article with adsense. The keyword force factor gets 5,400 searches monthly, global; that's it. 5,400 people are looking for force factor. At 5,400 global monthly searche you would need a whole truck load, no - an ginormous fleet of trucking company's worth of landing pages/articles/blogs/sites to make adsense worth the effort of adsense payouts.

    Or ... am I missing something?

  45. This comment has been removed by the author.

  46. Nearly all educated Indians speak English. Some speak it well, some don't. I don't think we need to be complimented on our ESL prowess nor will use that as a cop out if someone calls our command of the language as being less than desirable. With all this talk about this being an American blog (change the name to ask and you shall receive an American review then?) and all that, understand that we have similar ratios when it comes to English skills. Fair?

    As far as tipping is concerned, it is a very cultural thing. You're assuming things work the same everywhere. Yeah, guess that is an American trait.

    1) there is no concept of minimum wage in several countries. Most people are grateful they make enough money to make it thru the end of the day.
    2) service culture is different in overcrowded counties where cheap labor is plentiful. Just the way the free market works, consumers can't help it.
    3) more about service culture. In India, several McD have service. We get our windshields cleaned, tires inflated, gas tanked up without moving a finger. We tip a rupee or two because the kids look like try could use a snack (did I mention we don't give a shit about child labor?)
    4) as someone pointed out, apart from taxes, most restaurants where Americans would want to tip include a hefty service charge. Not my problem if it won't reach the waiter. I'm not tipping twice
    5) even so, tipping in India is not %age based. If we get 7 bucks as change most people will leave 2 or 5 behind.
    6) we absolutely follow the laws of the land, we all tip 15% when we're in America. Don't see why Americans need to fret about our behavior in our countries.

    Lastly, is tipping really something to lose sleep sleep about? Drop 15% if you want to, shrug and run along if your neighbor doesn't. I'd much rather deal with the idiots who vote on regressive bills.

  47. Sylvia Wrath12/02/2009 1:28 PM

    I never in a million years would believe that my stating that someone had good English skills would get me labeled a racist. I have given this same compliment to other bloggers who are American. This is a blog review site. Is it not part of my job to comment on the skill of the writer in the language they are writing in? I readily acknowledged in my review that I DID NOT know whether English was a second language for this blogger. I was very upfront about my uncertainty of this fact. How many more times am I going to have to defend a compliment that I gave to a blogger? It's not a condescension to offer my opinion on the language skills of a blogger who submitted their blog for review.

    I also am not versed AT ALL in Indian culture. I never claimed to be. My opinion on the tipping issue is from my American perspective. It is the only perspective I have to offer right now. When I read the tipping blog, I was under the impression that tipping is a custom in India. Otherwise, why was the blogger complaining about doing it? This is where I'm confused. It's very clear from her blog that she feels her opinion isn't the popular one. What I said is based solely on the words of her blog.

    Thanatos - You say, "we absolutely follow the laws of the land, we all tip 15% when we're in America". So you are speaking for every single Indian currently living in this country? Because Bhagwad has clearly stated that he does not tip, even while living in America. If you don't want to give someone a tip in this country or another, that's up to you. But I reserve my right to find not tipping a rude behavior, particularly in America.

  48. Sylvia, I don't find your review or comments racist. The comments here can get ignorant and sometimes plain dumb. Never racist. Well, there was that one time but that's a long time ago. And that's cool, this aint no PC forum after all.

    I was lining up a general "understand us" post seeing as I'm in a good position to comment on both cultures. The most common Q we get is when we learnt the queens tongue when it's obvious we've been speaking the language for a while. It gets patronizing and you can't fault us for getting annoyed when every Tom, Dick and Harry asks us the same damn question 2 minutes into a conversation. You would think the yanks would catch on, the Indian population is pretty sizeable in any part of the US. Think of it this way, how would you feel if you lived in a country where EVERY passerby "complimented" you on not being morbidly obese? Gets annoying after a bit in spite of their best intentions. We speak English. That is all. My post was to help the readers here not ask that question again. Let's move on. Feel free to comment about Indians' English, there's no need for "pretty good for a non native speaker", that is all.

    With tipping, things are like people everywhere else. All Indians I know tip, and we're almost always told about the 15% system when we're fresh off the boat. I'm sure there are similar numbers with people not tipping - Indian or otherwise. With your outrage about customs in India, I believe I've covered all scenarios in my previous post.

  49. I am an Indian and I tip 10-15% every time I eat out. I have no strong philosophy for and against it. I see it a as a nice gesture to someone for 'trying' to make my meal pleasant. Why waste philosophy space over a meagre 15% of cost of meal? India suffers from bigger problems, tipping or not is the least of the stupid decision-making policies or stands to take on, IMHO.

    And why did the blogger totally misunderstood a compliment as a racist comment? was she was looking for something to derail the entire discussion on asserted 'boringness' of her blog?

  50. This person needs to be slapped in the face with a dirty bar rag.

  51. And this is what I feel:

    -This post is not racist.

    -Indian folks are being a little too touchy and making a big deal about nothing.

    -Tipping is a personal choice, and should never be something you are forced to do. You should tip only if you liked the service.

    -Stop over reacting about the review. It was not even unkind.

    - I am Indian.


Grow a pair.