Monday, March 08, 2010

List of pending mastication

It has been pissing rain for three fucking months where I live and it's beginning to put me in the sourest of moods. I think I'm in need of some comfort food.

Nothing cheers me up like the smell of slow roasted and then flash fried blogger served on a skewer.

For your dining pleasure, this week's menu includes:

Just Making Convo...

What's a Blog

Grumpy Granny

Late for the sky

Someone hand me a bib, cause this could get messy.


  1. Could be a lot of carnage this week.

  2. I just had a quick look at one of them and it made me want to do a review of my own, with my teeth.

  3. Finger lickin' not.

  4. Good thing you are hungry. Mmmm blogger kebabs!

  5. I like your blogs. Im glad to have an oppurtunity to read about your life. If you have time please stop by and read my blog and feel free to commment. I am new here.

    Thanks Mark.


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