Thursday, March 10, 2011


People like to make connections. Diving head first into Blonde’s little list on herself I noticed she used to speak Swahili. My dear old mum speaks Swahili. Blonde has been to Tanzania. And I have been to Tanzania. Snap! So with those little connections Blonde wormed her way into my affections. A little bit.

Her ‘cast’ is long and all edgy 30-something TV show. Really? If I had to cast my mates and exes it would be all ‘Dude Who Didn’t Age Well At All – SUCK IT!’ and ‘Clingy Bitch Who Dumped Me Cos I Didn’t Visit Her in London When She Lived There – HELLO I Was a Student Back Then!’ See? Definitely not as cool as her mates.

I got the distinct feeling I am not as smart as her. Look, I don’t mind coming to my own conclusion that my grey matter is not as well stocked as someone else’s but when I feel I am being gently taunted with it, I get all pissy and insecure and jealous and write reviews that possibly turn into a bitch-fest. Maybe. We’ll see.

Blonde writes well, but she writes like a chic-lit novel. With a blog, more so than in a novel, the reader expects to connect (there’s that ‘c’ word again) with the actual real-life author, as well as get a good story. I felt that sometimes her style of writing, while wry and funny, held me at a distance. She doesn’t have to be the slatternly Bridget Jones type of gal but being so self-contained must be tiring.

Blonde is champagne – she is witty, crisp, urbane and very consistent – she is certainly advocating a good ‘brand’ but after a while she clagged on my tongue and I felt like something a little more down to earth. Like Coca-Cola.

Even so, if I was a single gal about London, I would probably want to be her, first world gripes and all.

Two stars because she writes well, as a PR person should.

The guilt.  She suffers, I suffer.  There are some things a teaching stint in Africa can't assuage.


  1. Mongolian Girl3/10/2011 6:15 PM

    Blonde makes me want to have sex. Lots and lots of sex.
    And, in her defense, she does say she can be a terrible snob.

  2. I don't mind her at all. I think I would read more.

  3. I like Blonde. After all, I'm blonde too. And a snob. I would've IFLY'd her.

  4. I am pretty sure I'm going to read this one. A lot. I agree about the distance thing, but her writing is engaging enough for me to come back.

  5. I basically just really goddamn hate the little tiny font, and I know I can Control scroll and all that crap but shut up. BIGGER FONT, please.

  6. Yeah, this one and Pandora's are easily the best blogs I've seen in months.

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