Saturday, March 22, 2008

Mushiness Was Never My Strong Suit

Well, boys and girls, it's with a heavy heart that I write this little goodbye. Due to my increasingly busy schedule with work and school, that I must take a sabbatical from reviewing. I've really enjoyed working with the Ask gang and hope to continue in the summer as (at the very least) a guest reviewer.

As sappy goodbyes are not my strong suit, I'll just say it was a pleasure writing here and I'll still be reading.

Now, tell me how much you'll miss me in the comments section.


  1. Say it isn't so!!

    smooches, the DH

  2. :(

    You know I'm bummed that you're taking a break, but we should all still be here when you have more free time.

  3. Glad you'll still be around in guest mode. :)

  4. NO NO NO!! Man, what's going on here? I feel like Rose on the raft, come back, come back, come .... aw hell, he's frozen solid!

  5. I'm gonna miss Nutjobber too! Spank you both very much for the wonderful reviews.

  6. Nutjobber is NOT leaving. And, we're getting a new reviewer, Professor Booty, next week.

    And, we'll have guest reviewers for a while, also.

    And Mistress will hopefully back in a few months...

  7. Whew. When Jan said that, I went looking to see where Nutjobber possibly said anything about leaving. He's gotta say to even out the hormonal balance, if nothing else!

  8. No Fair!
    I just recently found your fantastic site, have loved your reviews and now two of the best are leaving! Even for a short break, man - that stings.
    Will miss you both but will keep reading every day. There is nothing better that compares to Ask.
    With much bowing and scraping ...

  9. Honestly, there's nothing better than being missed when you're not going anywhere...

    Man, I can't wait to disappoint everybody with my review on monday!

    Bitter Mistress: kiss, kiss?


    Why does nobody want to kiss the Jobber? I mean, that's why I got INTO this whole thing!

  10. Jobber's not leaving, Atomic Fireballs is leaving.

    You guys really should read these posts and their comments nine hundred times each the way I do. Then you'd be supersmart like me.

    Goodbye to both of you. :(


  11. Now is the time to sink into a deep depression and start writing the worst poetry to every grace the internet. And to fuck with my layout, turn it into Peptobismal pink, lime green, and grape purple. Hell, I'll pull out the whole Jack Nicholsen-as-Joker color scheme. Then will you two crazy kids stay?

  12. Awww...thanks guys! I'll think of you when I'm about to gouge my eyes out while listening to my professor prattle on like a crack-addicted monkey.

  13. Thanks for all the kind words to me, too.

    You guys are the best, honestly.


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