Monday, June 23, 2008

I Love Being a Filthy Mongrel

Are these choices for "Comment of the Week" not evidence enough?

Oh, he gives a shit. A hot runny one.

I have no objections to discussions of a colourful nature, so long as you don't object to being taken up the vestry.
-Father Gene

It's just like American Idol...with fucking.

Goddamn typos. Ah well. The keyboard is covered in ice cream; I can't see what I'm typing anyways.


Know what else is free? Hatred.

I think, however, that this is the clear winner:
I clicked on the blog before I read the review because I didn't want to be influenced by the genius that is Nutjobber.

Flattery will get you everywhere...and by "everywhere", I mean "onto the Comment of the Week board".


  1. I think my favorite was this one from the FNG:

    "It not only burns, it's a cunt to get out of a smock."

  2. I've totally already voted. But I'll say it again.

    America Idol. Fucking.


  3. Keywork's hatred quip.

    ~ Driz

  4. Even though the nod to me was totally self-serving, thank you, Nutjobber. It's terribly hard to suck asses around here if ya never get noticed for it.

  5. Those comments are hysterical LOL

  6. Nj, I liked yours the best. Well, second best. Did I mention I'm a tad bit vain? Well, I am. So I'm voting for me.


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