Thursday, June 19, 2008

I'd Like a Little Hot Fudge for my Cheesecake, Please

Well, hello there my lovelies! Guess who's back? Yup, it's me, your favorite ice queen from the Great White North, back to tear apart some blogs and flirt with all your boyfriends.

This is going to be a short review (but sweet…maybe) since I totally spaced last night (read: engrossed in BBC America) and have to write this from work. Today we have Bittersweet Confusion, a young lady living in NYC, but I'll try and not hold that against her (heh).

ANYway, I'll start with the template, and what can I say? Yes, it's neat and clean, professionally designed, and organized (I'd look into rolling up your archives, though), but, Holy Christ on a Bike, is it PINK! It's the kind of pink that makes my ovaries quiver in fear. You know, that color of pink generally favored by 6-year-old girls and 22-year-old sorority chicks? Yeah, that shade. Hell, I like the color pink (albeit a more slutty shade of magenta) and usually don't mind it on a blog, but, fuck, that's alotta pink!

Pink (shudder) template aside, the girl can write. Her posts are mostly "day in the life" stuff and are pretty PG. Which is kind of my problem with this blog. It's kind of like plain New York cheesecake. Mild, creamy, with just a hint of that tangy cream cheese goodness. You keep eating it (because, hello, it's cheesecake) but keep wishing for something more, like hot fudge or caramel syrup to sex it up a little. This is not to say I hate plain cheesecake, but for a chick living in NYC, there's GOTTA be something going on around town or some weird thing you saw in the subway to write about to sex it up a little (not actual sex, but something gritty, weird, and out of the ordinary) to cut the cloying sweetness of cream cheese.

I give it for being well-written and mostly interesting (love the e-mail exchange with a Classroom Admin), but it could be three (or even four) stars if you took a break from navel-gazing and gave us some City Gritty.


  1. What's the site that you are reviewing?

  2. Sorry, the pink was too much for me. I don't know and probably never will know if she can write, that obnoxious shade of pink forced me to go kill a mockingbird. And an elderly couple.

  3. buddha with shades6/19/2008 11:57 AM

    If I were a girl I would have said- "ooooh wow so cute.....I should totally invite her to my tea party"

    of course truthfully

    the pink was too straining for the third eye of the buddha.

    I would totally invite her to a beer party though!!

  4. I'd need evidence that she looked like the cartoon image on the header before I could proceed.

  5. I literally just screamed "holy fuck!" and kicked a hole in my internet-acumen is so unbelievable that I'm actually typing this while staring into the smoldering remains of said monitor.

    I hope I'm commenting on the right blog. Ah, hell, let's make it worthwhile in case this is just random comment-leaving:


    Oooh, whoever owns this blog is going to be SO mad...

  6. Someone just phoned me to tell me that I managed to comment on the proper site, but that I neglected to mention that the reason for the "holy fuck"-kick was the pink of the reviewed blog...

    Thank you for the phone-tip, completely-fictionalized-tipster, and godspeed.

  7. Yeah, so I buggered up the site for a little bit with my e-mail postings...thanks to Bites for fixing it!

    And no one noticed the sweet cheesecake analogy? Color me miffed. Heh.

  8. The pink wouldn't be so blinding if maybe other parts of the template were a little darker or bolder. It's just really hard to focus on the actual posts. There needs to be more contrast or something.

    Not being able to focus on her writing was probably why it was a total "Meh" for me. She seems witty enough. I just can't be impressed when I have to squint to read it.

  9. That's funny - my nonsenscial "breaking-my-monitor" thing was dreamed-up completely-independently of your site-buggering, strange.

    Also, your cheesecake analogy was so sweet I now have to take medication to prevent the onset of diabetes.

    Yes, I said it.

  10. This blog is the jello equivalent of cheesecake. BLAH.

  11. I am still trying to regain focus after only reading one post! I mean seriously, who designs that kind of template and thinks it is readable or looks good? I wouldn't read any further for that reason. It would send me to the optometrist quicker than I am prepared to admit I need to go.

    I could be biased though. Being a redhead I have always hated the colour pink!

  12. This blog is PRECISELY why women should rightfully be denied the vote and the right to abortion.

    Look at it. Read it. There can be reasonable argument to the contrary.

    ~ Driz

  13. Ah, rather, there can be -no- reasonable argument to the contrary.

    Goddamn typos. Ah well. The keyboard is covered in ice cream; I can't see what I'm typing anyways.


    ~ Driz

  14. bored buddha6/23/2008 5:20 AM

    whats this?

    slacking off??

    me bored
    me need review to chew

  15. Yeah I'm a few days late...

    Thanks for the feedback and believe it or not I am totally with you on the pink thing. Fell in love with the template not the color but it all kinda went together...

    I'll see what can be done about the eye straining parts though ...

    Ghost - I've killed a few elderly couples in my day...

    Buddah - Name the place and time my dear!

    Nappy - Would you settle with the fact that I'm not nearly as pink as my blog is?

    Angel - Thanks for the tips... I will keep them in mind.

  16. I quite like your pink bits...

  17. well, you should write about that then. pink bits are always a pleasure.

  18. I wish I'd read this before my pink review today. Girls need a new color, don't we?

    Spot on review, Bitter Miss, and welcome back!


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