Monday, June 30, 2008

A Microcosm of Life Here At Ask

So vote, you bastards!

There's nothing gay about cocks and caramel sauce... is there?

I saw the incoming link from you on my site, and I almost threw up in my mouth.
-Mr. Lady

May I mambo dogface to the banana patch?

well it wasn't totally horrible for you cock loving slut.
-Dirty Pirate Hooker

Natalie is too nice to be mean to. I'm bored.
-Formerly Fun


  1. well of course I'm going to have to vote for my own kicks ass.

  2. Xbox: You're a slow week.

    That's right; even the amazing Nutjobber is not above resorting to schoolyard-taunts.

  3. You should have gone with 'your mom's a slow week'. Zing!

  4. my 'mom' was anything but slow....

  5. Your week was so slow that a mentally-handicapped snail riding a turtle tapped it on the shoulder and asked it to pick up the pace.

  6. Personally I liked:

    "Yeah...cock loving slut...such a beautiful word"

    from the dirty pirate hooker failing to grasp the concept of plurals.

  7. True, but if she had said, "such a beautiful words," it would have sounded funny...

  8. 'Such beautiful words' perhaps?

    I want to fucking stab something.

  9. I'm gonna go with Calamity's dog-faced mambo to the banana patch. Because, if you'll remember, it so perfectly summed up the entire shit show that preceded it.

  10. I don't like plural, it make me uncomfortable.
    Wow, actually typing that without plurals was uncomfortable.

  11. "Also, 'anonymous' is blogspeak for 'cunt'."

    give it to Keywork again. Anyone who is clever with cunts gets my respect.

    But Calamity's is a very, very close second.

  12. 1 John is fine, 2 Johns cost extra?

  13. Actually, Rassles, that Keywork-comment was supposed to be in there...I don't know what happened.

    Perhaps, just perhaps, I've gone completely sideways.

  14. I'm moderately flattered, Rass. Thx.

  15. Just keep it up, quipster.

  16. That's what I'm known for. Keeping it up. The quips. Yeah.

  17. I vote for Driz. I'm not sure I like him, but his comment is too good, so he got lucky.

    No not that kind of lucky.

  18. As a fellow CLS, I would have to put my two cent in and go with DPH's comment.

    Also? Plural make me uncomfortable too.

  19. I'm going with Driz, too.

  20. I like Driz or Calamity for this one.

    It's always so difficult to decide because I have never experienced a more talented group of complete assholes in my entire life.

    I always leave this site much wetter than I am when I click on it.

  21. Actually, y'all, I can't take credit for that comment. I was quoting Steve Martin.

  22. I nominate glamourpuss.

    "And to the person who suggested I was seeking validation, you are sorely mistaken;"

    This right here made me laugh more than anything else this week.

    And I offer +17 points to Nutjobber for being the first person to attack her with vigour. I threw a jab, but that guy took it upon herself to really get under her skin.


    ~ Driz

  23. I'm still not breaking even with those 17 points, though, am I Driz?

    I'm down, like, a bunch.

  24. I have to agree with Driz. That quote should definitely win for NEXT week. It was hilarious.


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