Saturday, June 07, 2008

You are all wordy fucks

You know the drill, right? Here are my picks:

I also had to look up the word palimpsest, thinking at first it had to do with male organ flaccidity. - Mutha

Please, don't ever come back to my site nor read another word. -Matthew S. Urdan
Maybe we could change the name of the site to "Unrequested, Vitriolic Blog-Review".
Or, "I Know You Didn't Ask For This, But Now You've Got It, So Deal With It In Whatever Way You See Fit".
Or, "We've Just Secretly Reviewed Your Blog Because We're Dicks".
Or, "I Spilled A Bunch of Hate On Myself and I'd Like To Give You a Hug".
Heaping moist vitriol onto someone else is one of the more satisfying things I do during the course of a day... -nutjobber

I'd like to recant on my own review, and remind you all that I did not ask for it. -Drizitche
So, who are you? Are you some sort of professional blog reviewer? Do you have credentials? I'm not getting it. -Ashlee

Find your own verbal treasure and post it here. These are just mine. Hope your week was as orgasmic as mine.

Also, this was my least favorite quote of the week:

Kissing children grow up to be fucking adults. - Keywork

Umm, yeah, Key, as the mother of a 14-year-old, I don't find this thought particularly comforting. I would like to direct your attention to the label. I don't know what it means, but I found it in our archives. It seemed to fit.


  1. Let's not overlook "My Ass Itches, and So Does Your Blog" - Nutjobber.

    Got me through a tough morning, that one did.

  2. It wasn't meant to be comforting, Love.

  3. "Marvin, the Birkin is the female equivalent to a 14 inch penis. Although it is totally useless and utterly uncomfortable it is one way to assert your superiority without speaking. Both also offer far less pleasure than one would imagine."

    Here's mine. Gosh, sometimes I impress myself.

  4. Actually, my vote would go for one of Nutter's comments:

    'Fuck it. I'm going to do my reviews like I'm watching people walk down the street: if someone's dressed in a gorilla suit, I'm certainly going to say something.'

  5. Because I'm a narcissist and it was directed at me, I have to vote for Matthew S. Urdan's. But Nutjobber's is funniest.

  6. I'm not a narcissist but my mirror image is.

    I vote for mine.

  7. All this love despite the fact that I was a total deadbeat last week.


    I love you guys.

    Oh, and I vote for everything I've ever written. Like, constantly.

  8. You want to talk about slacking? I haven't read y'all's blogs in forever. Yes, I suck.

  9. Also, you may not want to let your daughter see you wearing that dildo on your head. Odd choice of head gear, Love.

  10. Oh, hush, Bites - I got kicked out of yours until I used my REAL name.

    Jubblies ain't invited to the party...and, of course, rightly so.

  11. Jubblies is a dickwad.

    Can I also mention how great it is to have a pseudonym for my pseudonym?

    I can't?



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